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View of the exhibition ALTURAS, by Alex Flemming, at Arte132 Galeria

Arte132 Galeria opens its doors in São Paulo with an exhibition by Alex Flemming

With a focus on Brazilian production, the gallery opens with an individual by Alex Flemming and seeks to establish itself as a multiple space dedicated to art

Centenary León Ferrari: memories about the artist

Important figures in the art world, Alex Flemming, Andrea Giunta, Leonor Amarante and Regina Silveira write about León, artist, colleague and friend

Alex Flemming's Sinks of Discord

In a new exhibition, 'Ecce Homo', the artist uses a biblical passage to make a metaphor for the "scabrous" situation in Brazil today

Alex Flemming criticizes the Brazilian political situation in new exhibition

Artist presents 28 works made with old sinks on display at Emmathoma Gallery

Alex Flemming, the traveling artist

Alex Femming at MAM-Rio Flemming's installation "The exhibition Uniplanetary System – In Memorian Galileu Galilei" was exhibited for the first time in 2008, in the ruins of St. Johannes Evangelist in Berlin. On the occasion of...