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"Generosity, Regeneration, Transparency, Independence, Sufficiency, Local Anchor and most of all Humor", by Dan Perjovschi at Fridericianum. Photo: Nicolas Wefers

documenta fifteen kicks off the exhibition program

'Lumbung'. The word that may seem unusual to us is the Indonesian term to define a community rice granary and is articulated as the conceptual axis of documenta fifteen. Under the artistic direction of ruangrupa, collective...
Humboldt facade

European fetishism in the colonial context and its long-term effect: the case...

New museum institution in Berlin brings together rich material from people from different corners of the world, but ignores the original context
CKD - ​​Completely Knocked Down

“Completely Knocked Down”: Bremen and Recife in an experimental show

In a collaborative atmosphere, a group of artists chose their spaces and ways of exhibiting their works at MAMAM, in the capital of Pernambuco, deconstructing the traditional concept of curatorship.

Agenda of the art world in the pandemic

How the Coronavirus has affected the art world and the reactions of some cultural institutions to the crisis

historic crossings

In the 1960s, German translator and interpreter Margarethe Hamich moved with her husband to small Bietigheim in southwest Germany.