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A bridge between the visible and invisible worlds

How do songs that tell the history of the world become an image? How do the visions of an ayahuasca ceremony translate to the canvas? How do the worlds of the visible and the invisible connect?...
Adriano Pedrosa at Masp

Adriano Pedrosa, from Masp, will be curator of the 2024 Venice Art Biennale

The Venice Biennale announced this Thursday (15th) that Adriano Pedrosa, artistic director of Masp, will be the curator of the visual arts section of the next edition of the show, which takes place in the Italian city of 20...

An extensive and critical show

In "Histórias Brasileiras", eight centers take the visitor behind the scenes of art and the decolonization movement, which is increasingly structured; with around 400 works, 250 artists and 11 curators, the show runs until October 30, 2022

MASP opens virtual exhibition by Hélio Oiticica

With its physical occurrence postponed, MASP brings part of the exhibition to the web along with a guided tour

Emanoel Araújo, art connoisseur

In an interview published in September 2014, in issue 26 of ARTE!Brasileiros, Adriano Pedrosa talked to Emanoel Araújo