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Bernardo José de Souza participates in the new Videobrasil Commented Collection

In the episode, the work of South Korean artist Ayoung Kim is analyzed, which questions ideas of border, crossing and coexistence.
"Myxomatosis", Solon Ribeiro, Videobrasil Commented Collection. Photo: Disclosure.

Rosely Nakagawa participates in the new Videobrasil Commented Collection

The curator analyzes the work "Myxomatosis", by Solon Ribeiro, and highlights how, through the superposition of images in a slaughterhouse, Ribeiro criticizes the film industry
Commented Collection VB "Insight", by Sebastián Díaz Morales. Photo: Publicity / Artist's website.

“Insight”, by Sebastián Díaz Morales, in the new Videobrasil Commented Collection

Curator and artist Nicolas Soares analyzes the work of Díaz Morales and highlights elements that question reality and its representation, what the image is and when it is formed
Still from 1978 - Submerged City, by Caetano Dias. Courtesy Videobrasil.

“1978 – Cidade Submersa”, in the new episode of the Videobrasil Commentary Collection

The video 1978 – Cidade Submersa, by Caetano Dias, shows the relationship of a fisherman with the memories of his old city. It is a documentary that sometimes mixes fiction and reality to...
Still from "Tomo" by Bakary Diallo. Courtesy Videobrasil

Videobrasil Commented Collection: Bakary Diallo

The work of the late Malian artist is the subject of the new episode of the Videobrasil Commentary Collection; in "Tomo", Bakary Diallo performs a ritual to honor the countrymen he lost to the war started in 2012 in his country
Scene from the movie SARS (2003), by Liu Wei. Photo: Courtesy Videobrasil.

VB Commented Collection: Liu Wei by Márcio Seligmann-Silva

The work of the Chinese filmmaker compares the power of the SARS virus, pneumonia that spread from southern China and infected thousands in 2003, to that of the Chinese media. Comparing the Sars epidemic to that of Covid-19, Seligmann-Silva reflects on the relationship between art and politics
Photographs from the series "Djingareyber", by Tiécoura N'Daou. Photo: Disclosure.

Videobrasil Commented Collection: Seydou Cissé and Tiécoura N'Daou

Through the works "A Viagem das Pedras" and "Djingareyber", Irene Vida Gala addresses the history and culture of Mali in the new episode of the series; it highlights the importance of oral traditions, the relationship between the ancestral and the contemporary, and how art helps to (re)position the African continent on the map

Videobrasil Commented Collection: Moacir dos Anjos and Vincent Carelli

In this episode, the work "O Espírito da TV", by Vincent Carelli, is commented by the curator and researcher Moacir dos Anjos; the documentary was made by the Vídeo nas Aldeias project and shows the reactions of the Waiãpi indigenous group when they saw their own image on TV, still in 1973