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august of fields

2016 | Sesc presents the largest exhibition ever held by Augusto de Campos

Remember the article published on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition "REVER", in 2016, which reviewed 65 years of the concretist's career

2010 | Folk art through the trained eye of a specialist in the genre

Recall an article from our collection about the gallery owner and scholar Roberto Rugiero, who passed away this week: "Surrounded by a wide production that ranges from wood sculptures to ceramic pieces, passing by specific names in painting, Rugiero comments on a segment of the art market "

2013 | strong and universal

Remember the text written by Leonor Amarante on the occasion of the death of the Argentine artist León Ferrari, who would complete his centenary this year

2010 | Leon Ferrari, the turmoil of beauty

In the centenary of the Argentine artist, remember the profile written in 2010 by the historian and curator Andrea Giunta

2015 | The lion called Ferrari

In the centenary of the Argentine artist, remember the text about "León Ferrari: Between Dictatorships", exhibition with almost 100 works from the MASP collection

2013 | 30 years of Videobrasil

Remember the text about the 18th edition of the Videobrasil Festival, held in 2013, when the event led by Solange Farkas celebrated 3 decades

2010 | Mira Schendel, constructive impulse

Remember a 2010 text about the work of the artist Mira Schendel, especially the series she made in the final period of her life

2011 | Aleksandr Rodchenko at Pinacoteca de SP and IMS Rio

Remember the text about the exhibition by the Russian artist who also visited IMS in Rio, London, Amsterdam and Berlin

2011 | Alexandre da Cunha: the ironic and the playful

Remember the text about the exhibition "Fair Trade", which was on display at Galeria Luisa Strina in 2011

2010 | Laurie Anderson: The Feast of Transgression

Remember the text about the exhibition "I in U – Eu em Tu", by Laurie Anderson, organized by CCBB and curated by Marcello Dantas