sidney amaral

*By Coil Lopes and Marcos Grinspum Ferraz

Early death as a result of cancer, the São Paulo artist Sidney Amaral (1973-2017) left an outstanding and blunt artistic production, moving mainly through drawing, painting and sculpture. Incisive in his messages, virtuous in his technique and with a remarkable lyrical dimension in his work, Amaral began to receive, while still alive, recognition for his work. That's what Claudinei Roberto da Silva, curator of the show “Live to the end what fits me! – Sidney Amaral: an approximation”, on display at Sesc Jundiaí.

With around 70 works in various media and techniques, the exhibition is presented today in a context of growing discussion about structural racism in Brazilian society. In the words of the curator: “I have the impression that Sidney had, as some artists have, a certain premonitory gift. In his work, long before the moment in which we are living, he elaborated on issues concerning the anti-racist struggle, the struggle for civil rights, the struggle for justice and equality that Afro-Brazilians have been undertaking and that have gained some prominence in recent years. years old".

Claudinei emphasizes, however, that Sidney Amaral's work is very diverse and does not have a solely militant aspect. Watch the full video below, with images from the show and an interview with the curator. Read too here text by Daniel Lima published in our issue #55 about the show.

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