exhibition view
View of the exhibition "Own Manufacturing - Lotus Lobo", at Sesc Pompeia. Photo: Everton Ballardin
the mining artist Lotus Lobo. Photo: Lucas Galeno / Publicity

“How to reveal the many fabrications, experiments and inventions that Lotus Lobo undertaken from the 60s to the present day?” This question guides the individual artist Minas Gerais on display at Sesc Pompeia. Curated by Marcelo Drummond, Own manufacture brings together historical works and commissioned works, presenting itself as a panoramic exhibition. “The idea is to bring this kind of polyphony that we see in the production of Lotus Lobo”, explains the curator.

For over 50 years, the artist has undertaken research that crosses artistic authorial lithography with industrial lithography. Born in Belo Horizonte, it was in 1969 that Lotus came into contact with the production of tinplate packaging at Estamparia Juiz de Fora, in Minas Gerais. At the factory, she collected matrices from the first decades of the 20th century, and from them, through the appropriation and manipulation of images, she produced works that reveal the creative character of the factory environments.

Drummond's proposal for this exhibition is to present, in close dialogue with the environment of the former Pompeia Factory (currently Sesc Pompeia), the rescue and preservation of the important collection of matrices from stamping, with which Lotus articulates its vast production. artistic. Thus, sometimes the public is in doubt whether what they see is a historical collection or a creation of Lotus Lobo. “It is impossible for us to rank in rigid fields what is one thing, what is another. It seemed interesting to me to let the public be able to position itself in a sensitive and critical way between one thing and another”, completes the curator.

“In addition to protecting a certain past from oblivion, the exhibition Own manufacture dialogues with the memories of other times and places that insist on remaining in the imaginary, even in the absence of the subjects. For Sesc, the presentation of contemporary art works, associated with the dissemination of a collection that dates back to the beginnings of national design, suggests that memories intertwine revelation and preservation, elaboration and permanent resignification”, comments Danilo Santos de Miranda, director of Sesc São Paulo.

A arte!brasileiros visited the exhibition and spoke with the curator. Watch the video:

Own manufacturing runs until January 30, 2022 and can be visited free of charge upon presentation of proof of vaccination. It is mandatory to wear a mask throughout the visit and to take the temperature of visitors at the entrance of the unit. Access the Sesc Pompeia website and schedule your visit.

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