"Wall of Memory", by Rosana Paulino. Photo: Publicity/SP-Arte

Nthis week, between the 24th and 30th of August, the SP-Arte Viewing Room – first online version of one of the largest art fairs in Latin America. In addition to the exhibitions, the event has online debates, interviews and lives. Among them, a program made in partnership with the arte!brasileiros and the Iguatemi: a Gaze Cartography.

The project consists of two classes, taught by the curator and visual artist Ana Beatriz Almeida. “The perspective from which we look at art is Eurocentric. The racial revolution that we have been witnessing taking over the world has another character, it seeks to bring out those narratives that were suppressed by a hegemonic trend in the world. THE Gaze Cartography it is a first step towards the development of other ethical and aesthetic capacities to appreciate expressive experiences”, he explains. 

Nthe first episode, Cartography of the Look: Sea and Travesías, Ana Beatriz Almeida makes a historical review of the look and non-white experiences and then puts Juliana dos Santos and rosana paulino in focus. from the works Between the Blue and what I don't leave / let me forget e Pmemory network, the curator teaches a class about the artists and their expressive visions and aesthetics. Watch:

In the second episode, Cartography of the Look: Stay and Permanence, Ana Beatriz focuses on Accepted?, de Moses Patricio, and Acts of Transfiguration: Disappearance or Recipe for Making a Saint, by Antonio Oba. Watch:

Ana Beatriz Almeida, who teaches the classes, is co-founder of 01.01 Art Platform, guest curator at Glasgow Biennale 2020, Master's student in History and Aesthetics of Art at MAC-USP and PhD student at King's College (UK). In all these environments, the visual artist takes with her a decolonial cartography of the gaze, seeking new tools for reading and criticizing art, thinking about non-white ethics and aesthetics.

Ana Beatriz Almeida. Photo: Publicity/01.01 Art Platform

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