sônia gomes, Correnteza, from the series Raiz, 2018. Photo"Patricia Rousseaux
Sônia Gomes, Correnteza, from the series Raiz, 2018. Photo”Patricia Rousseaux

Um day, while finishing a work for the current exhibition, Sônia Gomes realized that the cut made in the wood she used did not allow the piece to stand up. She got up from where she was sitting to take a closer look and thought, "I still get up." She couldn't explain where that whisper in her head came from, but she couldn't stop thinking about it.

The artist, by the way, who would be a great name for that work and, in the end, for the exhibition, which is on display at MASP and Casa de Vidro, both constructions planned by Lina Bo Bardi, until March 2019. The work in question was called, then I stand up.

In a quick internet search, he later discovered that the phrase was actually a line from a poem by American author and activist Maya Angelou. Would there be something of common ancestry in this reminiscence? Sonia believes so, perhaps. This chance finds her in the same way as when she discovered herself as an artist: “There wasn't a moment when I said 'now I'm going to be an artist', no. It came to me,” she comments.

The exposure still i get up it is the first part of a partnership between the two institutions. The project consists of hosting an exhibition simultaneously in both locations, once a year. It is also the first curatorship at MASP by Amanda Carneiro, who works as a supervisor for Measurement and public programs.

still i get up brings a new phase of Sônia Gomes, using, this time, pieces of logs found on the banks or at the bottom of rivers in the interior of Minas Gerais, her state of origin. In them, Sônia does her work with fabrics, handling them in the most varied ways, flowing with her usual work in another direction.

The artist does not consider herself a militant artist, but does not abdicate herself as a political body, although she does not bring this to her work in an eminent way. She has been called a naïve artist, folk artist and artisan as well. She dispenses with labels: “This happens because I am black, if I were white they would not be worried about putting me in this place”.

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