Arjan Martins, 'The Atlantic Triangle'. PHOTO: Courtesy of the artist and Galeria A Gentil Carioca.


Arjan Martins, 'The Atlantic Triangle'. PHOTO: Courtesy of the artist and Galeria A Gentil Carioca.

ex-africa, press conference at the CCBB in São Paulo, until 16/7

Exhibition that brings to the CCBB for the first time a great and essential panorama of contemporary art on the continent and the identity of modern Africa, marked by a diversity of cultural encounters and interactions, by processes of exchange and acculturation, through the recent production of 18 artists, from 8 African countries. They are also joined by two Afro-Brazilian artists, Arjan Martins and Dalton Paula.


Posters with works by designer Aleksandr Mikhailovich Rodchenko

VKHUTEMAS: The future under construction, press conference at Sesc Pompeia, until 30/09

Among the projects recreated for the exhibition are works by artists such as Rodchenko, Tátlin, Kandinsky, Maliévitch, El Lissitzky, Zaliésskaya and Komaróva. “We offer the public a synthetic selection of the production of great masters, with emphasis on the physical and three-dimensional structures of Arkhitekton plaster, created by Kazimír Maliévitch, the project The Floating City, by the architect Georgy Krútikov, the pieces of clothing developed by Liubov Popova and Várvara Stepánova”, quotes the researcher of Russian culture and curator of the exhibition, Neide Jallageas.

Record of the Tailoring work carried out at the Bonnefantenmuseum, in Maastricht, Netherlands, 2014-2015. PHOTO: Courtesy of the artist

Laura Lima: Tailoring, individual at the Pinacoteca de SP, until 8/10

By installing a workspace with real people in the center of the Pinacoteca, Laura Lima removes the emphasis given to artistic objects in the museum space to focus on events. According to curator Fernanda Pitta, “Lima refuses to call her works performances. For the artist, it is not a matter of underlining the subjects or the subjectivity of their actions, but understanding the participants (which she calls living beings) as matter of the work of art, occupying the space in the same way as objects, furniture and architecture itself”.

Durval Pereira. 'Casariozero', s/d

Durval Pereira: Brazilian Impressions (100 years), solo show at the Latin America Memorial, opening on 18/7.

Curated by researcher and architect Lut Cerqueira, the show arrives in São Paulo after visiting cultural spaces in Recife and Ouro Preto. The exhibition brings together around 220 works by the artist, marking different phases and themes of his paintings. Visitors will also be able to learn a little more about his trajectory in virtual tours, conceived in 3D reality, between one screen and another.

John Akomfrah, 'Tropikos', 2016. PHOTO: Smoking Dogs Films; Courtesy Lisson Gallery

John Afomfrah: Tropikos, MASP video room, until 12/8

Filmed in Plymouth, southwest England, a central location for the trade and trafficking of enslaved Africans during the British colonial period, Tropikos is “a tetralogy about water and dreams”, as presented at the beginning of the video. It is a story told in four acts, in which the boundaries between delusion and reality are blurred. Akomfrah achieves this effect through formal and aesthetic procedures that give the video a disturbing rhythm.

Helena Trindade, 'Poema a Derrida', s/d

The installations, composed of sculptures, videos, photographs, objects and performance on the opening day, bring together about 40 works, most from 2018. In each installation there are elements that refer to the others, reaffirming the artist's interest in bringing to her vocabulary plastic the inexhaustible articulation of written language.

Lilian Zaremba, 'Memoamphora', 2018

the circle, collective at Galeria Millan, until 11/8

The exhibition presents a current selection of works focused on sound art and radio art, produced by four Brazilians who are references in these areas: Julio de Paula (SP), Marco Scarassatti (MG), Renata Roman (SP) and Lilian Zaremba (RJ ).


Ismael Monticelli, installation composed of writings in chalk on the wall, 10 posters printed on paper and 7 models made of styrofoam

Ismael Monticelli: Exercise in Futurology, installation at Paço das Artes in SP, opening on 17/7

Ismael exposes the result of a research carried out based on the situation of the Paço das Artes, which, since its inauguration almost fifty years ago, does not officially have its own headquarters. “Nomad, who always seems to be adrift and looking for a place to land”, the artist refers to the institution that has already occupied several addresses such as Avenida Paulista, the Pinacoteca building, Avenida Europa and the University City of USP.

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