VERB 16 - 5-Dance for a blind future_2021_maria macedo (4)
Maria Macedo, "Dance for a blind future", 2021. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

After two years of absence, the Verb: Exhibition of Performance Art will take place in person again in 2022. Curated by Marcos Gallon and Samantha Moreira, the edition reflects on the current state of affairs with actions that echo discussions related to identity, gender, race and ancestry and seeks to think about how a performance takes place in times of a pandemic, in which the physical presence of people and circulation sometimes represent elements of danger.

From the 27th to the 30th of July, the program takes place in São Paulo, in Galeria Vermelho, and on the 11th and 12th of August, in São Luís do Maranhão, in the SLZ floor. The edition also has an extended plan of actions, which will be incorporated into Vermelho’s regular exhibition program between September 2022 and May 2023.

Dedicated to the presentation of performances by Brazilian and foreign artists, Verbo began in 2005, with the aim of creating a network of artists and audiences linked to the artistic language. With the pandemic, he lived a two-year hiatus. “It was our choice, when in 2020 we decided not to take any action that was virtual, due to exhaustion, due to an excessive condition of everything that was happening”, explains Samantha Moreira in an interview with arte!brasileiros. For the curator, this time of pause resonates in the current show: “I think that after two years, it comes with a lot of power, many narratives, many poetry and a lot of despair from what we lived, in addition to this desire to meet”.

This year, over 400 proposals from different regions of the country and the world were sent to the selection. From the meeting of their latencies, the curatorial approach of the 16th Verbo was born. This is because for years the organization has chosen to create the SCHEDULE from the reading of the projects, instead of defining a guiding concept a priori.

“It was possible to identify some recurring themes, such as those related to racial and ancestry issues, pointing to the diversity of pressing and essential themes evidenced by the fragility of political systems during the pandemic; gender issues materialized in performances and videos that claim the empowerment and insertion of minorities in the field of current art, and more broadly in the public policy arena; issues related to identity, to being in the world materialized from precariousness and set in small spaces that constitute 'logbooks' about the last two years through daily practices of maintaining life”, explain Marcos Gallon and Samantha Moreira.

The show features 38 actions, bringing together artists and collectives from 12 Brazilian states in the Northeast, North, Southeast and South regions, and bringing the participation of foreign performers from South Africa, Germany, Mexico, Russia and Sweden.

This year's edition features in-person actions, distributed between Vermelho and Chão, and an exhibition of audiovisual works. "We understood that the programming of the videos had to happen with an intensity. We had a lot of performances in process from the pandemic, made on video. A lot happens, of course, from this relationship between body and movement, or body and non-movement, from this experience we had worldwide with Covid-19″, says Samantha Moreira. The video show is common to both headquarters and will also be available online, in order to reach a wider audience. 

The Maranhão program also includes a speech by the artistic director of the Festival of Sexualities and Genders of Lausanne (Switzerland), Valentina D'Avenia, who will present the event in a conversation with artists and the public, and with an artistic residency at Casa do Serio, in Alcantara, Maranhão. The research project, coordinated by Yuri Logrado, will receive the artist from Rio de Janeiro, André Vargas, who will develop the action to be presented as part of the Chão SLZ program on August 12th.

Check the complete schedule:

Galeria Vermelho
verb 16
Rua Minas Gerais, 350 – Higienópolis, São Paulo (SP)

20h - Darqueruim Commune, from After the End of Art, takes place at Banca
20h - Not everything that goes on the wall is a work of art., by Marcel Diogo, is presented on the façade
20h - Prayers to tear the world apart, by Tieta Macau, in Room 3
21h - Scaffold, by Luisa Callegari, Guilherme Peters and Sansa Rope, in Room 1

20h - Darqueruim Commune, from After the End of Art, takes place at Banca
20h - the present, tomorrow, by Carla Zaccagnini, in Room 2
20h30 - 123 pointers, by Elilson, in Room 3
21h30 - A ritual-recital-performatic III, by Jamile Cazumbá, in Room 1

20h - Darqueruim Commune, from After the End of Art, takes place at Banca
20pm – Apagamento, by Marcel Diogo, in Room 2
20h - gray zone, from TF Cia de Dança, in Room 1
21h - Phage, by Paola Ribeiro, in Room 3

11 am to 17 pm – Video program

CLAY registration, by Áurea Maranhão, which will be presented at VERBO 16 at Chão SLZ
Áurea Maranhão, “Argila”, 2021-2022. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

SLZ floor
verb 16
Rua do Giz, 167 – Downtown, São Luís (MA)

19 am to 22 pm – Video program
19h - Ethical porn: What is made from sex and emotions, conversation open to the public with Valentina D'Avenia, artistic director of the Festival of Sexualities and Genders of Lausanne (Switzerland)
20h30 - Clay, by Áurea Maranhão

19 am to 22 pm – Video program
19:30 pm – André Vargas (work in progress, developed at the residency at Casa do Sereio)
21h - Toada — Resume, from the collective #Joyces

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