Skateboard Help
Fabiano Rodrigues, together with Akira Shiroma, print the work of the RATSREPUS series on a board for Skateboard Help

IInspired by the foreign proposal The Skateroom, the Brazilian initiative brings together unpublished works signed by artists and sports enthusiasts. Guests for the project must print their work on a limited series of 25 skateboards. 20% of the amount collected with the pieces will be destined to Social Skate.

Social Skate was created in 2011 by skater and activist Sandro Testinha Soares. Since then, she has been carrying out sports activities and promoting the social, educational and cultural inclusion of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability in Poá, a municipality on the extreme east side of São Paulo.

For the launch of Skateboard Help, Fabiano himself, along with Akira Shiroma, stamp the work of the series RATSREPUS on the boards. Fabiano is a self-taught artist who started photographing by watching professionals who recorded their maneuvers while dedicating himself to the sport in a professional way, which he did for 15 years.

The pieces will be numbered and signed, and each one will be sold at a cost of R$ 600. For the first edition, 100% of the artist Fabiano Rodrigues' fee will be donated to the NGO.

The artists of the next editions will still be revealed little by little, but for the moment Paulo Nimer Pjota, represented by Galeria Mendes Wood DM, is one of the names already confirmed. O Instagram profile Skateboard Help is the project's dissemination platform, to introduce the artists, bring information. Sales will be made through Kogan Amaro Gallery.

Discover other artistic projects with a social nature developed during the quarantine in this link.

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