Virtual tour of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg is one of the most complete. Photo: Disclosure

Some of the most acclaimed cultural institutions in the world have a 360-degree virtual tour system. Others put their entire digitized collection on the web for the public to access. At a time when everyone needs to avoid agglomerations and places where many people pass, there is no need to stop seeing and appreciating art.

A ARTE!Brasileiros recommends a number of museums to visit for free and without leaving your home. check out:


Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre
Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre. Photo: Disclosure

Louvre Museum: The emblematic French museum was originally built as a fortress by King Philip Auguste; Today, the Louvre offers three virtual guides on its website: through Egyptian antiquities, through the moat of the ancient fortress and through the Galerie d'Apollon. In addition, it is possible to get to know other works of the institution through thematic visits also available online.

Uffizi: Also called the Galleria degli Uffizi, the museum located in a palace was opened in 1769 in Florence, Italy, with an original architectural design by Giorgio Vasari. The museum houses works from Raffaello to Michelangelo and Cimabue. The Uffizi offers – in partnership with Google – a virtual tour of the entire museum.

British Museum: The collection of The British Museum, founded in June 1753, spans over 2 million years of history. Its collection includes world-renowned objects such as the Rosetta Stone, the friezes of the Parthenon of Athens and Egyptian mummies. Also in conjunction with Google Arts & Culture, exploring the museum can be done safely from home.

Prado Museum: One of the most prestigious museums in Spain, located in Madrid, the Museo del Prado was planned in the reign of Carlos III. Its collection – available on the Museum's website – holds important works, mainly in the collection of Spanish paintings, which includes the famous work “As Meninas” by Diego Velázquez.

Hermitage: The Hermitage is located on the banks of the Neva River in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Within the buildings that make up it is the Winter Palace, which was the official residence of the Tsars almost uninterruptedly from its construction until the fall of the Russian monarchy. Perhaps this is the museum with a wider virtual version: it is possible to visit it in its entirety on the institution's website and in 2020, in partnership with Apple, the museum made a 5-hour virtual tour recorded in one take, in the style of the “Russian Ark”.

United States

Washerwomen by Paul Gauguin at MoMA
Washerwomen by Paul Gauguin at MoMA. Photo: Disclosure

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: The New York museum puts some collections and exhibitions online so that people can appreciate works by the likes of Mondrian and Picasso. In 2005, the museum was designated a building on the National Register of Historic Places. as well as a National Historic Landmark, in 2008. Recently, the institution has undergone expansions resulting in the Guggenheim Bilbao, the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Las Vegas, the Deutsche Guggenheim in Berlin and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice.

National Gallery of Art: The Washington-based institution offers virtual tours of its exhibits and collection. Much of its early collection came from collector Andrew W. Mellon, who began assembling the works to assemble the gallery in the mid-1920s. When the museum was created in 1941, it was the largest marble structure in the world.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Located in New York, the MET is one of the most beloved museums in the world. Its virtual services include visits to the collection and virtual tours, where works by Pollock and Van Gogh can be seen.

The Museum of Modern Art: MoMA has partnered with Google Arts & Culture to provide virtual tours of its exhibitions and views of pieces from its collection. It was conceived in the 1920s by Miss Lillie P. Bliss, Cornelius J. Sullivan and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. In 1971, the museum received a younger sibling, the MoMA PS1, dedicated entirely to contemporary art, presenting a collection with a more provocative tone.

The J. Paul Getty Museum: Based in Los Angeles, the institution has in its collection treasured pieces by Paul Gauguin and Van Gogh. Virtual visits and collection can also be checked on Google Arts & Culture. The museum also has a podcast on its website.

Latin America

Pink and blue - The Cahen d'Anvers girls, by Renoir, at MASP
Pink and blue – The Cahen d'Anvers girls, by Renoir, at MASP. Photo: Disclosure

MASP: Founded in 1947 and housed in the bold building designed by Lina Bo Bardi since 1968, MASP became the first modern museum in the country. From its collection, a total of 1.000 items of the 8.000 contained in its permanent collection are available on the Google Arts & Culture platform, as well as six exhibitions.

MAM-Rio: The Museum of Modern Art in Rio has one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary art in Latin America, and it housed a considerable part of the Brazilian artistic movements. The one who took care of the landscaping of the museum was Roberto Burle Marx. A virtual tour is available on the museum's website.

picture gallery: With Pina's collaboration with Google, the visitor begins to explore the museum not only through the photos of the works displayed by the institution. In addition, another project makes it possible to see the exhibition rooms from above through a virtual model of Pina's third floor. Among the artists in its permanent collection are important names in Brazilian art such as Lygia Clark and Tarsila do Amaral.

National Museum of Fine Arts of Argentina: Opened in December 1896, the museum houses the largest collection of art in the country; its permanent exhibition of argentine art offers a sequence that ranges from foreign painters who visited Argentina in the early XNUMXth century to the latest artistic trends of the XNUMXth century. His international collection lists names such as Goya, Tintoretto and El Greco.

world: The National Museum of Art (MUNAL), located in the historic center of Mexico City, houses the most important collection of Mexican art in the country. Its collection consists of over 3.500 works featuring works by Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros.

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