Rafael Pagatini, Welcome, President!, 2015-2016

After visiting SP-Arte, showing his works in the Solo sector, with Galeria OÁ, Rafael Pagatini arrives in Berlin for a solo exhibition at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, starting on May 18. At the opening of the show, the artist talks with Renata Campos Motta (Freie Universität Berlin) and Wolfgang Kaleck (director of ECCHR).

Born in Caxias do Sul, but living and working in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Pagatini brings in his work a research that focuses on Rafael archives, investigating and raising questions about the violent political history of Brazil. It shows the manipulations and power strategies of the Brazilian military dictatorship (1964 – 85) and reveals the continuities of the old structures.

In this exhibition at ECCHR, Pagatini highlights the problematic role of corporate actors, an issue of “lasting relevance today in the times of Jair Bolsonaro”. For curator Diego Mattos, who wrote the exhibition’s critic text, “against or colafter the memory that is and marchin the face of the spraying of fake news and the desire to rewrite history on the part of the extreme right and reactionary sectors of society, the choice ofs images which are the starting point of the work is not merely arbitrary, it is a political gesture”.


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