ODrivers driving on Avenida Paulista on Tuesday night were startled to see cars going the wrong way. From the windows of the buildings on the busy road, people could see the usual traffic in the region. However, this time, something was different: more than 100 vehicles were moving in reverse.

It was at ten o'clock at night that the Vertigo Theater started the film performance REVERSE, conceived in collaboration with the visual artist Nuno Ramos. The motorcade occupied the road, emitting an unusual symphony. Not horns, not music, but the loud sound of respirators used in Covid-19 treatment units. “In Brazil, we are witnessing a triumphant march of violence and neglect [with the coronavirus], I think what we propose with the performance is a small reversal of that energy”, explains Nuno Ramos. “It is as if the performance helped to establish an affection of solidarity within an increasingly anesthetized society. Appropriating a little of what Judith Butler and Vladimir Safatle have been saying: solidarity becomes a revolutionary affection”, complements the dramaturgist of the process, Antonio Duran. 

As it took place, the performance was filmed by Eryk Rocha. the filmmaker to turned into the short film to be shown at Berlin Biennale, which takes place from September 5 to November 1, 2020 in Germany. 

Learn more and watch the video:

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