Thiago Rocha Pitta, Youth.

An unprecedented type of partnership between artist Thiago Rocha Pitta and designer Hugo França is exhibited at the Marianne Boesky Gallery headquarters in Aspen, Colorado. The meeting between the two seeks to emphasize the environment in its natural state, uniting works in various modalities by Rocha Pitta with sculptural furniture by Hugo França. The exhibition will be open to visitors until March 31.

Hugo tells ARTE!Brasileiros that, for him, the theme of the exhibition “represents birth, connection and the beginning of the trajectory of nature”. The designer's sculptures, made from fallen or discarded pequi tree trunks, follow the natural shape of the wood, as well as the roots and branches.

titled tropical Molecule, the show brings together works by artists for the first time, demonstrating the affinities between art and design: “My works and Thiago's are connected through photosynthesis. It's the beginning of everything in both, with distinct side effects. The cyanobacteria seen in Thiago's watercolors are the same organisms responsible for the physical-chemical processes that originate wood, my raw material. Hence the name of the exhibition”, comments França.

Hugo França, Banco Caacica

Thiago agrees with Hugo regarding what brings the works together. For him, fontosynthesis is what ties this group together: in the same way that the cyanobacteria that he brought to his portfolio in recent years do photosynthesis, the wood that Hugo works needs it to form as matter. Youth (2018), a sculpture that Rocha Pitta created for the garden of his studio, is also part of the exhibition, strengthening the dialogue between them.





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