CURA BH has an open call for artists
View of Praça Raul Soares, in Belo Horizonte, with the Shipibo painting made at CURA 2021. Photo: Rogério Argolo

A arte!brasileiros prepared a list of four public notices that offer opportunities for artists of different languages. All projects have open enrollment during the month of August. Check out:

Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil

After a delay of almost two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 22nd Bienal Sesc_Videobrasil will take place in October 2023 at Sesc 24 de Maio, in São Paulo, attentive to the contemporary production of the Global South. Curated by the Brazilian Raphael Fonseca and the Kenyan Renée Akitelek Mboya, the Bienal has an open international call for artists until September 2nd. under the title Memory is an editing island, this year's event seeks to select works that deal with collective memories, memories and forgetfulness that build historical and social narratives, related to peoples, nations and geographic regions. “How does the equation between remembering and forgetting work? What are the ethical boundaries of a court? Who holds the power to do so? How can a sequence of images revisit narratives that concern a family, nation or geographic region? How to forge the memory of what we didn't see or feel in our bodies? What are the limits of memory?”, question the curators.

Artists from countries in the Global South, from the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) or living in them for at least five years, and indigenous artists of any nationality, as well as collectives in which at least one member meets the requirements, can apply. Works made in any language or media will be accepted as long as they are unpublished in São Paulo. Each artist and/or collective selected will receive the gross amount of R$3.000 for their participation. at 22a Bienal will also have a series of awards. The following distinctions will be granted: State of the Art Award, for the work considered by the jury to be the most thought-provoking and powerful of the event; Sesc Contemporary Art Award, which includes works produced by Brazilian artists and which will become part of the Sesc Art Collection; OFF Award, offered by the Ostrovsky Family Fund and which recognizes an artist who presents an original investigation of the moving image; and, finally, artistic residency awards, which guarantee residency periods at partner institutions. Visit the Videobrasil website to learn more.

cure 2022

The articulating theme of Urban Art Circuit this year is the land, a space for welcoming struggles, recognizing the past and cultivating the future. In the fertile land, the fighting body becomes the seed for the collective uprising: where one falls, a million is born. Our question for you in this call is: which image do you call for the fight?”, highlights the event's organization. This year, the festival will select a digital work that will become NFT and will also be printed in lambe format to occupy the facade of the Hotel Sorrento, in Praça Raul Soares, central Belo Horizonte.

Brazilians or naturalized Brazilians, over 18 years of age, who have already filed at least one NFT by the closing date of registration and who have a valid wallet on the Tezos blockchain can participate in this call. The submitted work must be unpublished and not yet tokenized – minting will take place after and only if the work is selected. The person responsible for preparing the winning proposal will receive the amount of R$ 4.000, in order to remunerate the design of the project and the acquisition of a copy of the NFT by CURA, as well as the assignment of the rights to use the image. CURA will bear all the expense of printing and gluing the piece on the facade of the Hotel Sorrento and is committed to being in contact with the artist throughout the assembly process, in order to guarantee fidelity to the artistic proposal. Visit the festival website to learn more..

Delfina Foundation and Instituto Inclusartiz

Residents of the southern region of Brazil can apply for a three-month artistic residency grant in London, England, at the Delfina Foundation, between January 5 and March 30, 2023. The project is a partnership with Instituto Inclusartiz and aims to contribute to the exhibition and international presence of Brazilian artists and curators. The program has already received names such as Manauara Clandestina, Maxwell Alexandre and Vivian Caccuri. are at
front of the jury of the current edition, which has an open call for artists who
live and work in the southern region of the country, Ana Rocha (Museu de Arte Contemporânea do
Paraná), Igor Simões (Mercosur Biennial/Rio Grande do Sul State University) and
Kamilla Nunes (Santa Catarina State University/Mayer Filho Institute). “The most important thing is that the proposal has coherence and relevance in current times, which
is open to experimentation and transformations throughout the research/residence, which
manages to articulate poetics, aesthetics, ethics and politics and, of course, that it is feasible”, says
Camilla Nunes.

Applications are open until 17 pm on August 28 and must be submitted using the form provided by the institutions. The residency includes guided tours of museums, galleries, non-profit organisations, artist-run spaces and studios, as well as trips to institutions outside London; opportunities to meet and interact with artists, curators, academics and researchers through organized presentations, studio visits, events and meals; professional development activities, including presentations and critiques, portfolio reviews, and mentoring activities; and a collaborative exchange between residents through meetings, reviews and meals. Those selected will also be entitled to a living allowance of £30 per day, a materials budget of £700, a single room at the Delfina Foundation, and travel and transport allowances. Access the notice to learn more.

Ubatuba Festival of Visual Arts

With registration open until 16 pm on August 22, the Ubatuba Visual Arts Festival reaches its 18th edition in 2022. The public notice allows the participation of visual artists in a large exhibition at the city's Convention Center, scheduled to take place in the period from October 22 to November 19 of this year. The event seeks to disseminate artistic works and encourage the population's access to art and culture. Among those selected for the exhibition, a Fundart Acquisition Prize will be awarded, in the amount of R$ 4.000; four stimulus prizes, in the individual amount of R$ 2.000 each; and in order to value the artistic-cultural creation of artists residing in the city of Ubatuba, a Ubatuba Highlight of Work of Art award, worth R$ 4.000 and a stimulus award worth up to R$ 2.000, both exclusive to artists residents in the municipality. According to the notice issued by the Fundação de Arte e Cultura de Ubatuba (Fundart), Brazilians and foreigners residing in Brazil, over 18 years of age, can participate in the event (individually or in groups). Each participant can submit up to three original and recent works (made within the last five years). Several languages ​​will be accepted within the universe of visuals. For more information, click here and check the full announcement..

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