"A house", by Carmela Gross. Pinacoteca Collection

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, preventive measures have been taken throughout the national territory, such as hygiene campaigns, closure of non-essential commercial establishments, recommendations to avoid large agglomerations and, with the quarantine decree, social isolation.

“Each person, taking care of himself, will allow others not to become infected”, says Professor Paulo Lotufo, from the Department of Internal Medicine at the USP School of Medicine, director of the Center for Clinical and Epidemiological Research at USP. .

In the midst of this turmoil, art is a panacea and fundamental to maintaining our sanity. With this in mind, the following cultural institutions and galleries are circumventing the pandemic in different ways using the virtual interface. Check out:

Jaqueline Martins Gallery

On April 22nd, Galeria Jaqueline Martins started the Four Flags 2020 São Paulo project. Twice a week, flags designed by guest artists will be hoisted on the façade of the São Paulo gallery. All banners are produced in a 4 + 1 PA edition and the sale value (R$ 800) will be fully allocated to participating artists. Find out more by clicking this link.

Series Homage to Dionísio Del Santo by Rick Rodrigues on display by OÁ Solidária

Solidarity OA

Galeria OÁ, together with some of the artists they represent, gathered works to make a solidarity campaign. The initiative aims to raise funds that will be transferred to SECRI – São Benedito Community Engagement Service (Vitória-ES). 100% of the sale value of the works will be allocated to the institution. SECRI has been in existence for 31 years and its work with families in the São Benedito neighborhood includes around 270 young people aged between 6 and 20 in a situation of social vulnerability. To purchase one of the works, just get in touch through the OÁ Solidária profile on Instagram.

Almeida and Dale Galeria

Almeida e Dale Galeria started a series of lives called “Stimulating Dialogues”; informally, like a chat, curator Denise Mattar welcomes at each meeting a lover of the arts, not necessarily critics, but also collectors, children and friends of artists. THE live revolves around an artist already exposed in the gallery, not leaving out other artists and related themes.

Verve Gallery

With the Antessala project, Galeria Verve invites its artists to propose temporary projects to occupy the gallery’s first room, in order to activate a “window to the city” in times of quarantine – given that Verve is one of the few galleries with a “window” facing the street. The first artist to participate in the Antessala project is João GG, with the installation “Hiperobjeto” that can be seen every day, from 17:30 pm to 23:00 pm.

Regina Silveira, CASCATA, 2020 installation. Digital printing on adhesive vinyl.
Regina Silveira, CASCATA, 2020 installation. Digital printing on adhesive vinyl. Photo: Publicity Paço das Artes

Palace of Arts

Following the Culture at Home proposal, from the São Paulo State Department of Culture and Creative Economy, Paço das Artes launched the #PaçoEmTodoLugar campaign, presenting a program on social networks with content about the institution's history, artistic, educational and interactive actions that involve projects by artists and exhibitions that have already passed through the Paço das Artes.

The history of the institution – with memories and testimonies of those who were part of the construction of the Paço – and thresholds, an unprecedented exhibition by the multifaceted artist Regina Silveira, were the topics of the posts in the first two weeks of the project. Until the 26th of April, the theme is thought from THAT'S THIS, by the poet and visual artist Lenora de Barros. Then, continuing, follow the proposals The Charly Nijensohn Intensity Cycle (26/04 to 10/05), and Contemporary Art Paradox(s): dialogues between the Paço das Artes and MAC USP collections (10/05 to 24/05).

MAM Online

On MAM's Google Arts & Culture profile, you can visit some online exhibitions that have been exhibited at the museum over the years. Apart from that, with the #MAMOnline initiative, the museum has created several actions to promote content at a distance. With Histórias do Acervo, the MAM team approaches works that the museum has, bringing a little of its trajectory in the legend of the record; in Artist of the Week, the proposal is similar, but the focus is on creators; they also have playlists with MAM Para Ouvir, and workshops, storytelling and games at MAM Educativo, which takes place every Wednesday. The series Histórias do MAM invites a person from the institution's own team to choose and unravel a work belonging to the museum or that was part of a temporary exhibition. In March, the chosen works follow the Women's Month line.

From April 14th, always on Tuesdays at 18 pm, the museum started to promote lives in Libras on Instagram about cultural mediation, education, cultures and deaf arts at the institution.

Finally, MAM also continues its courses, now operating via video conference. The Philosophy and Contemporary Art course with the art critic Magnolia Costa started on April XNUMXnd and runs until July XNUMXth. The first class, on Lucian Freud, was released by MAM on its channel on YouTube, from the second lesson, on April XNUMX, classes are paid, which is one of the ways the museum can support itself during the period of isolation.

Apartments. Photograph by German Lorca, 1952. Courtesy of MAM SP


Inhotim has been physically closed since March 18, so for the next two months the museum and botanical garden expands its possibilities for virtual contact. the institution made a series of videos available, talks and unprecedented virtual exhibitions. On April 22, Inhotim opens the exhibition Overview – with Laura Vinci, Iran do Espírito Santo and Marcius Galan – at the Google Arts and Culture, which already has three other online exhibitions. Overview was part of the museum’s exhibitions in November 2019, its digital version is accompanied by a visit mediated by Douglas de Freitas, associate curator of Inhotim, videos with artists and testimonials from Allan Schwartzman, curator and artistic director of the institution. For Inhotim's social networks, the series backstage; dialogues; and Portraits. The first brings to the public the artistic processes, assembly and restoration of works of art, among the participating artists are Laura Vinci, Marcius Galan, Sandra Cinto and Robert Irwin. Diálogos will come in May, with not only people connected to the art world but also botanists. Finally, Retratos starts with Adriana Varejão.


were already known MASP Audios and MASP's partnership with the Google Arts & Culture, which resulted in the online exhibition of 1.000 of the 8.000 items in the permanent collection of the museum. As a way to get around the isolation, the institution started the MASP at home that revisits this collection and brings the profile of the works in posts on their social networks. The first publication brought the story of the four seasons painted by Delacroix and acquired by the museum in 1958.

Continuing to invest in a digital enterprise, MASP also launches the [Curation] At Home and a series of lives on Instagram. The first invites the museum's curatorial team to write, from a personal perspective, about a work or memory somehow related to MASP. The second begins on April XNUMX, with the participation of the museum's artistic director Adriano Pedrosa and assistant curator of stories Lilia Schwarcz to talk about “stories” and how they are translated plurally within the museum.

Painting by Édouard Vuillard, 'Princess Bibesco', completed in the mid-1920s. In the painting a woman sits alone at home at night, with a lamp on and a tall, uncovered window behind her
Édouard Vuillard, 'A Princesa Bibesco', circa 1920. MASP Collection

Surface gallery

Surface gallery started on March 24 the LIVE WITH, an online chat project that will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18:00 pm for three weeks; in total there will be six conversations. The proposal is to bring together two people from the art world for a relaxed and virtual conversation – each guest will participate for the live from their respective Instagram. The themes are diverse, ranging from the creative process to the challenges for cultural institutions and, inevitably, curatorship in times of coronavirus. The participants and their dates are now available on the gallery's Instagram page.

Kogan Amaro

Since March 19, the Kogan Amaro Gallery makes a series of takeovers with their artists: they take control of their social networks for a few days, disclosing records of their work, details of the works and curiosities about the creation process. Before handing over control to the artists, the gallery makes its introduction. Élle de Bernardini, Tangerina Bruno and Fernanda Figueiredo have already been part of the enterprise.

Millan Gallery

From April 9th, Galeria Millan begins a series of lives on your Instagram. Artist Paulo Pasta is the first guest, followed by photographer Bob Wolfenson and Regina Parra.

picture gallery 

In its social networks, Pinacoteca of São Paulo started the #PinadeCasa project, in which every morning the institution publishes a photo of one of the works in its collection with an analysis and curiosities brought by one of its curators. Some revisitations will also be made in the form of stories.

Reading, Almeida Júnior, 1905. In the painting, a woman with long hair sits on the porch and reads a book
Almeida Júnior, Reading, 1905. Photo: Pinacoteca Collection

SIM Gallery and Simões de Assis

Together, the two galleries bring on their social networks a series of content – ​​in Portuguese and English – under the umbrella Art Paths, to trace the trajectories of its artists within the History of Art, especially in Brazil, since the beginning of the XNUMXth century. Among the artists already highlighted are Cícero Dias, Alfredo Volpi and José Pancetti. The contents are also adapted to the stories of the galleries.

Tomie Ohtake Institute

The Institute has given access to the complete content of the educational publication developed by its Culture and Participation Center for the individual Murakami, whose physical exhibition has just ended. It contains both the publication's digital files and audio narrations of selected works. A video in pounds was also made to contextualize the exhibition. In addition, Tomie Ohtake held a virtual tour guided by Mariana Palma, whose works would be on display until April 5th. Finally, it is worth checking out the Amplitudes podcast, which is available on the institute's website.

Station Gallery

A Station Gallery was already sharing on her Instagram works from the exhibition Women in Popular Art, which has a selection of works by Conceição dos Bugres, Elza de Oliveira Souza, Izabel Mendes da Cunha, Madalena Santos Reinbolt, Maria Auxiliadora, Mirian Inês da Silva Cerqueira, Noemiza Batista dos Santos and Zica Bergami. Now, the gallery makes the exhibition catalog available on the internet. It can be accessed through the Station's Instagram.

art in isolation
Untitled, Mirian Inêz da Silva Cerqueira, 1938. Courtesy of Galeria Estação


The exposure Ancient Egypt: From Everyday to Eternity was seen by more than 1,4 million people in Rio de Janeiro and came to CCBB São Paulo recently. It would be exposed until May 11th, because of the isolation recommendations, the Cultural Center is closed, so they decided to make the main works present in the show available on the internet! It's with the app Museums You can access the exhibition, which has 140 pieces on loan from the Egyptian Museum in Turin (Italy), home to the second largest Egyptological collection in the world. It is important to note that audio description, audioguide and Libras resources are available; at this moment it is even more necessary to talk about digital accessibility.

Lume Gallery

Galeria Lume launched a contest on its Instagram, Quarantine with Lume encourages followers of the gallery's social network to take a photo using the hashtag #isoladosmasnuncasozinhos and tag Lume. There are six weeks of the contest and three stages, each of them will have a theme and a different judge who was to choose the three best participants. At the end of the period, the selected participants will be awarded with a work from the gallery and their works will be part of an exhibition in the Annex of Galeria Lume. The regulation and other details are available on the gallery's Instagram.

Forts D'Aloia and Gabriel

In the networks, the gallery is putting the spotlight on both artists and works, but literary ones. Fortes D'Aloia and Gabriel asked artists like Luiz Zerbini, Leda Catunda and Jac Leirner to make reading recommendations for the quarantine. Brecht, Haruki Murakami and Anthony Knivet have already joined the list. 


On the gallery's website it is possible to visit the two individual exhibitions online: museum of novelties, by Marcelo Tinoco, and At the root / Path / Through the loops / Birdie., by Victor Mizael. 

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