Candombe (circa 1930) by Pedro Figari. Photo: publicity MASP

So far, social isolation is necessary to help flatten the contagion curve of the new coronavirus; in the state of São Paulo, for example, only essential services remain authorized to operate, and the quarantine was extended until May 31 due to the increase in the number of cases and deaths. While this period of collection remains, some cultural institutions are betting on new projects on the web to bring some of their collections and content to Internet users. Check out some news among these initiatives:

MASP: Dialogues in the Collection

were already known MASP Audios and MASP's partnership with the Google Arts & Culture, which resulted in the online exhibition of 1.000 of the 8.000 items in the permanent collection of the museum. As a way to get around the isolation, the institution started MASP em Casa, which revisits this collection and brings the profile of the works in posts on its social networks. 

Continuing to invest in a digital enterprise, MASP also launched the [Curatorship] at Home and a series of lives on Instagram. The first invites the museum's curatorial team to write, from a personal perspective, about a work or memory somehow related to MASP. 

The Temptations of Saint Anthony (circa 1500), by Hieronymus Bosch. Photo: publicity

Now MASP is moving your project Dialogues in the Collection for Instagram. With this, followers will be introduced to works from the museum's collection through elements that make up each work, such as the artist's biography, technique and historical context. THE Dialogues in the Collection will always be held on Tuesdays at 16 pm, as a way of bringing the guided tours in person to the virtual environment. The first edition of Dialogues approaches the work candombe (circa 1930) by Pedro Figari; on the 19th of May the program continues with Saint Anthony's Temptations (circa 1500), by Hieronymus Bosch; on the 19/5th, and on the 26th of May it is the turn of Field of action/field of vision (2017), by Daniel de Paula.

#PaçoEmTodoLugar continues to virtually explore the history of the institution

Following the Culture at Home proposal, from the São Paulo State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy, on March 22, Paço das Artes launched the campaign #PaçoEmTodoPlace, presenting a program on social networks with content about the history of the institution, artistic, educational and interactive actions that involve projects by artists and exhibitions that have already passed through the Paço das Artes.

The institution's history – with memories and testimonies of those who were part of the construction of the Paço – was the theme of the posts for the first week of the project, which is now in its fifth thematic round. The schedule for the next fortnight revolves around “Paradox(s) of Contemporary Art: dialogues between the collections of MAC USP and Paço das Artes”, an exhibition that took place in 2018 and was curated by Priscila Arantes and Ana Magalhães. The question of paradox emerged from a reflection proposed by Regina Silveira in the work “Paradoxo do Santo”, an installation that invites us to think about the conflicts of domination in Latin America, opposing the popular image of Santiago Apostle to the projected shadow of the monument dedicated to Duke of Caxias. This concept of paradoxes and contradictions ran through all the works of the show that presented works by Alex Flemming, Fabiano Gonper, Felipe Cama, Nazareno Rodrigues, Rosângela Rennó, among others.

Following this same line, the next fortnight of #PaçoEmTodoLugar – which will end on May 24 – will explore the paradoxes between the public and the private, highlighting artists whose productions deal with both spaces.

“Coexistence” (2020), Ana Teixeira. Photo: publicity

Among the actions are Coexistence, by Ana Teixeira, a project that the artist began to develop at the beginning of her confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, and conversations with Giselle Beiguelman and Thiago Honório, in addition to the presentation of some of her works on Paço’s social networks.

Itaú Cultural brings free ethnographic film and documentaries festival

This is the last week to check out the movies from Forumdoc window – shows with six Brazilian productions shown at the 23rd edition of Forumdoc: Documentary and Ethnographic Film Festival, held annually in Belo Horizonte. Yãmiyhex – The spirit women; Antonio and Piti; elections; Coutinho Banquet; While We're Here; is Mãtãnãg the Enchanted are available on the Itaú Cultural website until May 19. Although they are part of the same selection, the core of the stories is different and so are their formats; Mãtãnãg the Enchanted (Dir.: Charles Bicalho and Shawara Maxakali), for example, is an animated short film spoken in the Maxakali language about a tale of love with a transcendental bias, while elections (Dir.: Alice Riff), is a documentary that portrays the routine of a state school in downtown São Paulo, during the student council elections. It is worth checking each of the six films shown for free. 

Frame from the movie “While We Are Here”, by Clarissa Campolina and Luiz Pretti. Photo: publicity

In addition to the film festival, until May 17, Itaú Cultural participates, on Twitter, in the seventh edition of MuseumWeek, organized by the Culture For Causes Network. MuseumWeek is entirely dedicated to cultural institutions on social media. In 2020, actions are developed around the Union theme, which is even more relevant now. Even encompassed in a larger theme, the posts of the institutions follow different hashtags each day, among them Clima, Tecnologia and Sonhos. 

Check out other Itaú Cultural virtual initiatives in this link.


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