João GG videobrasil korea
Assembly of works by the artist João GG. PHOTO: Instagram/Ilmin Museum of Art

With the intention of addressing issues that revolve around ecological crises that occurred in the Anthropocene period, the Ilmin Museum of Art, in Seoul, South Korea, promotes the exhibition Dear Amazon: BRAZIL X KOREA THE ANTHROPOCENE 2019. The exhibition is part of an urgent concern about the environmental issues that plague both countries and is open to the public until August 28.

Solange Farkas, director of Associação SESC VideoBrasil, was responsible for curating one of the three parts of the exhibition, a film program and presenting videos belonging to the VideoBrasil Historical Collection, which include Brazilian artists such as Nuno Ramos, Ana Vaz, Thiago Martins de Melo , Cao Guimarães and Lucas Bambozzi.

The exhibition seeks to reflect in a philosophical, political and social way on how the consequences of dismantling in relation to the environment can be related despite the differences between Brazil and Korea. For this, the works and discussions surrounding the show are also developed in a post-apocalyptic imaginary, which could be originated by a global ecological collapse.

Dear Amazon: BRAZIL X KORE The Anthropocene 2019
at the Ilmin Museum of Art
until august 28th


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