Photograph by Carlos Moreira. Photo: Disclosure

With a breathtaking exhibition, with around 400 works occupying rooms at the Porto Seguro Cultural Space. Entitled Carlos Moreira Retrospective – Wrong so Well, the show will be open to the public from August 10 to October 21 and is curated by Fabio Furtado, Regina Martins and Rodrigo Villela.

Organized in three sections, the show will have 250 unpublished works, presenting different aspects and moments of his production, from the classical period, for which Carlos is best known, through the phases and subsequent experiments to his current works. The first section brings together slides from his first book, from 1977, and goes through some of his travel photos, many still unpublished. The second goes through the universe of color photography produced by Carlos Moreira. The third brings one of his most recent works, made in Buenos Aires.

“If we isolate ourselves in the work of Carlos A. Moreira a dominant essence, we will obtain silence. Not that anything is said. Instead. Everything is said in an essentially plastic language and in an essentially clear and balanced plastic, I would even say meridian”, said plastic artist José Antonio Van Acker about the photographer.

Carlos Moreira Retrospective – Wrong so Well
Porto Seguro Cultural Space: Alameda Barão de Piracicaba, 610, São Paulo
August 10th to October 21st
(11) 3226-7361


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