Rodrigo Garcia Dutra, The Language of the Serpent, 2019.

From the 27th of July, the public will be able to check out a solid program at Galeria Karla Osório, in Brasília. There will be three individual exhibitions open simultaneously from 17 pm. The exhibitions by Rodrigo Garcia Dutra, Gustavo Silvaamaral and Bruno Duque will occupy the internal environments of the gallery, in pavilions I and II, and also the external part, on the walls and in the patio. The space has 5 thousand square meters and is located in Lago Sul.

Em The Serpent's Language, in gallery 4 of pavilion II, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra presents a series of codes created from paper folding clippings. Intuitively, the codes create a supposed abstract and geometric language. The result is an enigmatic form of communication between human and non-human species. These cutouts were transformed into drawings laser cut on wooden boards and painted with acrylic paint.

Bruno Duque takes to Karla Osório the exhibition Expeditions, located in galleries 1, 2 and 3 of pavilion I, which dialogues with the most traditional forms of representation. The exhibition presents three series – Matas, Alter and Ebó – which have in common the photographic reference and are related more by contrast than by contiguity. The animals of “Alter” remain isolated from the landscapes of “Matas” and both remain free of human beings. In “Ebó” it is not culture and symbolism that are exalted, but the very life that the orixás evoke.

Finally, Gustavo Silvamaral proposes the intervention three yellow squares on the outside of the gallery. The work is composed of three panels, on different walls, presenting several elements of the artist's research that has been unfolding in a series of actions, objects, installations, drawings and paintings. All exhibits can be viewed until September 7th.

Gustavo Silvamaral: Three yellow squares + Bruno Duque: Expeditions + Rodrigo Garcia Dutra: The Language of the Serpent
Karla Osorio Gallery: St. of Dom Bosco Mansions CJ 31 – Lago Sul, Brasilia
From July 27th to September 7th
More information: (61) 3367-6303

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