"Raccepted for creativity: the month of May + a packet of cookies”, wrote in English, in a notebook, the artist Iole de Freitas in mid-1974, when she began to produce and exhibit her works. Many months of May and packets of crackers have passed since then, Iole's production has been growing and developing. Photographs, experimental films, installations, performances and sculptures have taken place in the more than 40 years that have passed since then.

An overview of its production and its language has just been released by the publisher Cobogó, in the book Iole de Freitas – body/space. The thick volume is organized by the curator and art critic Paulo Venancio Filho, who, in the opening text of the book, outlines a logical framework between the use of the body in Iole’s work, from the first photographs and recordings (“an intersection between body art, performance and experimental film”) to the sculptures, which, even at the beginning, expressed “the search for something flexible like the body”, undoubtedly exploring the space for it.

In addition to this essay by Paulo that works as an introduction to the book, there is another one by the curator Elisa Byington that closes it. The latter focuses on Iole's most recent works, in which the artist explores the malleability of stainless steel when bent, forming the most varied curves. Iole also participated in the elaboration of the book herself, having been involved with her personal arrangement today at the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea (IAC), in São Paulo, to offer the most extensive material for the edition, also having the help of her daughter, Rara Dias. . In addition to the essays, past and essential texts about the artist's trajectory are attached, written by Lucy Lippard, Sônia Salzstein, Paulo Sergio Duarte, Ronaldo Brito, Manuela Ammer and Rodrigo Naves.

The fluidity evoked by a lightness in the shapes of the sculptures or even in the gestures of performances (even when with knives) is a very noticeable point in the pages of the volume, perhaps because it is necessary for the courses of the impulses, on which Ronaldo Brito points out: “ Something in Iole de Freitas's fleeting and disquieting constructions would translate the permanent and undecidable mobility of drives”.

Iole de Freitas – body/space
Paulo Venancio Filho (org.)
R$ 90,00


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