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Ten years ago, the arte!brasileiros seeks to portray the strength and diversity of contemporary art. To this end, “we invested in a platform for contemporary digital culture and art, capable of talking to both academia and the market”, explains editor Patrícia Rousseaux (read the editorial of arte!brasileiros #50).

The magazine, which now exists in print and digital, defends the idea that art expresses the ideas and anxieties of its time, synthesizing transversal narratives. Therefore, in these ten years, we have portrayed innovation in the movement, the search for new supports, experimentation, research on materials and stories in art and media, but we also touch on themes that have become essential for that time and this art. : the defense of freedom and gender issues; the fight against racial discrimination, the segregation of women, economic, social and political oppression; migratory movements, freedoms, the denunciation of aggressions to the environment and the planet.

Next to the content, the arte!brasileiros developed its International Seminar, which allowed for dialogue with several countries. Since 2012, the events have put current reflections on the agenda and observe how art is positioned in the contemporary world. The initiative has expanded alongside other institutions, fostering debate in new seminars, promoted over the years (watch the recording of this year's seminar, made in partnership with the Goethe-Institut).

It was through this action on several platforms that, on October 16th, arte!brasileiros and his editor Patrícia Rousseaux received the Antônio Bento da Brazilian Association of Art Critics (ABCA), for the dissemination of visual arts in the media in 2019.

The award

ABCA's annual award includes categories that point out the highlights of the visual arts scene that contributed most to national culture. The category that concerns the diffusion of visual arts in the media, by which the arte!brasileiros was contemplated, bears the name of Antônio Bento de Araújo Lima, one of the most relevant figures in Brazilian art criticism. The journalist, critic, poet, musical columnist and short story writer played an important role in the dissemination of the arts in the media. During his lifetime he wrote columns on visual arts – in Carioca diary and in the newspaper Last hour -, participated in the creation of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA), later becoming president of the Brazilian section of the association. Antônio Bento also played an important role in the country's museums, when he was director of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro and participated in the foundation of the Museum of Modern Art in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, the MAM Rio. As one of the most respected art critics in the country, he participated in three biennials held in Paris and was a member of the jury of the International Biennials of São Paulo and Venice, the National Salon of Modern Art and the National Commission of Plastic Arts (1978-1980). ).

With the award, we would like to thank those who accompany us for all these years, the team responsible for the contents and events of arte!brasileiros, to the interviewees, to the speakers who passed through our stages (in person and virtual) and to the Brazilian Association of Art Critics.

ABCA also awards the artists, critics, curators, exhibitions and institutions that contributed the most to national culture in 2019. Find out who the other winners were:

Gonzaga Duque Award (Associate Critic for Performance During the Year)
Jose Roberto Teixeira Leite

Mario Pedrosa Award (Contemporary Language Artist)
Iran do Espírito Santo

Ciccillo Matarazzo Award (personality active in the artistic milieu)
Luiz Ernesto Meyer Pereira

Mário de Andrade Award (art critic for his career – affiliated or not)
Annateresa Fabris

Clarival do Prado Valladares Award (artist for career)
Emanoel Araujo (read our interview with the artist)

Maria Eugênia Franco Award (curated for the exhibition)
Caue Alves; by the curator of the exhibition Burle Marx: Art, Landscape and Botany, presented at MuBE (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Ecology) – São Paulo (read our interview with the curator)

Rodrigo Mello Franco de Andrade Award (institution for programming and activity in the field of visual arts)
Aloisio Magalhães Museum of Modern Art (Mama) - Recife PE

Paulo Mendes de Almeida Award (best exhibition)
Tarsila Popular, at MASP (Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand)

Antônio Bento Award (dissemination of visual arts in the media)
arte!brasileiros – editor Patricia Rousseaux

House of Culture of Latin America at the University of Brasília – DF
Art Plant - Água Preta PE
Cultural Center SESI/FIESP Ruth Cardoso

Carlos Pasquetti
John the Evangelist
Fabio Magalhaes

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