Chelsea Manning
Chelsea Manning

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The US Army confirmed that soldier Chelsea Manning was released from Fort Leavenworth prison in Kansas on Wednesday, May 17, after seven years behind bars. Originally sentenced to 5 years in prison for leaking data to WikiLeaks, Chelsea had her commuted sentence in January 2017 by former President Barack Obama in one of his last actions in office.

"I appreciate the incredible support I've received from so many people around the world over the past few years," Chelsea said in a statement sent to ABC News.

Chelsea was convicted of leaking diplomatic and military information to WikiLeaks in 2010, which includes videos of air strikes in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with classified documents sent to the US State Department. She was arrested and began serving time in the same year.

The data provided by Chelsea helped put WikiLeaks on the map as a secret government source, but called for swift condemnation from US officials.

Obama commuted Chelsea's sentence because he said he believed she took responsibility and expressed remorse for her crimes, according to White House officials.

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