Work by Erika Verzutti at Auction

On November 23, Pivô promotes the annual charity lunch that raises funds for its maintenance. In activity since 2012 under the artistic direction of Fernanda Brenner, Pivô is a platform for exchange and artistic experimentation. Its headquarters, a 3500 m² space in the iconic Copan Building, in downtown São Paulo, acts as a promoter of national and international artistic production, articulating the dialogue between different cultural agents. Since its opening, Pivô has received more than 65 thousand visitors, 95 artistic projects and 180 artists from more than 20 nationalities for the residency program.

The project's return to the city is wide: in addition to the resumption of a space that remained closed for two decades, Pivô receives an average of 40 artists, Brazilians and foreigners and at different stages of their careers, annually, who participate in its artistic residency program. , the Research Pivot. Its program comprises around eight contemporary art exhibitions, lectures and public programs, all free of charge.

In its eighth edition, the Annual Wall Auction brings together more than 100 works donated by names such as: Anna Maria Maiolino, Adriano Costa, Alexandre da Cunha, Ana Mazzei, Cristiano Lenhardt, Eduardo Navarro, Leda Catunda, Lenora de Barros, Marcius Galan, Paulo Pjota Nimer, Sonia Gomes, Lucia Koch, Jac Leirner, Erika Verzutti and others. Chefs Janaína and Jefferson Rueda are responsible for the menu for the charity event, with the award-winning feijoada from Casa do Porco, sound with DJ Cris Naumovs, in addition to a musical performance by singer Aretha Sadick.

Pivô is a non-profit cultural association that acts as an experimentation platform for artists, curators, researchers, students and the general public. Since 2012, the space has been consolidating itself as one of the main centers for the exhibition and production of contemporary art content in the city. Located in the iconic Copan building, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the space is completely open, accessible and free to visit.

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