photo by Bob Wolfenson

On the initiative of the group Photographers for Democracy, with the collaboration of important names in Brazilian photography, this Wednesday, April 3, the Lula Livre Auction takes place. There are 50 images of the former president, at different moments in his life, donated by 43 photographers. Among them are Bob Wolfenson, Marlene Bergamo, Ricardo Stuckert, Juvenal Pereira, André Dusek and Hélio Campos Mello (see the full list below).

All photos, of great historical value, have Lula's signature, and start from the initial value of R$ 1.313,00. The auction takes place at the Sabiá bar, in São Paulo, and there will also be the possibility of participating online (see on the website). The money raised will go to the Lula Institute, where all actions to support the ex-president's release converge.

For the organizers of the event, in a publicity text: “Few world leaders have had their political trajectory as documented as the Brazilian Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Not only for his charisma and simplicity, but also for his long life of struggle. A part of these records will be auctioned, representing our great flag for the freedom of Lula, today a political prisoner in Brazil”.

The text continues: “The photos record more than four decades of Lula’s life: from the young unionist speaking to workers in assembly, his election to the metalworkers’ union and the historic ABC metalworkers’ strike in 1979 to the white-haired Lula , being carried on the shoulders of the people, moments before his arrest, in his family intimacy, his political alliances and the great identification with the Brazilian people, who embraced him in the poorest and most forgotten places of this country”.

Photographers: Alberto Veiga, André Dusek, Bob Wolfenson, Celso Junior, Christian Carvalho Cruz, Claudia Ferreira, Claudia Guimarães, Douglas Mansur, Ed Viggiani, Edu Simões, Egberto Nogueira, Eliária Andrade, Ennio Brauns, Francisco Proner, Helcio Toth, Hélio Campos Mello, Ian Maenfeld, Jarbas de Oliveira, Jesus Carlos, João Bittar, João Roberto Ripper, João Wainer, Juca Martins, Juvenal Pereira, Luiz Prado, Lula Marques, Luludi Melo, Márcia Zoet, Marisa Carrião, Marlene Bergamo, Masao Goto Filho, Midia Ninja, Miguel Chikaoka, Mônica Maia, Mônica Zarattini, Nair Benedicto, Nana Moraes, Paulo Pinto, Ricardo Stuckert, Roberto Parizotti, Rogério Reis, Rosa Gauditano and Wilson Pedrosa.

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