Machado de Assis by Cássio Loredano. Photo: Disclosure

A few months after opening its headquarters in the city of São José do Barreiro (SP), in May of this year, the José Resende Institute (IJR) opens the doors of its São Paulo office, in the neighborhood of Vila Nova Conceição, this November 30th. By opening the new space with an unprecedented show by the illustrator and caricaturist Cássio Loredano, the institute shows its vocation to, in addition to disseminating the vast work of the sculptor José Resende, put it in dialogue with the production of other artists.

Loredano's exhibition – which will be open for visitation on Saturdays and by appointment on other days – is both a tribute and a rescue. With his striking features present for almost 50 years in the Brazilian and international press, the illustrator presents a series of caricatures of Machado de Assis (1839-1908), continuing an already old research on the writer.

The works now gathered at the São Paulo IJR trace a kind of journey through the writer's life, starting from the images of his youth, until the end of his life. “I want to see Machado's soul. From time to time I see that he surrenders”, says the designer in the exhibition's publicity text.

Machado de Assis by Cássio Loredano. Photo: Disclosure

In addition to the works by Loredano, the opening of the institute will have works by Resende and other works from the collection of the art dealer Paulo Fernandes – from Rodin to Miguel Rio Branco – who has managed the sculptor’s work for decades and who has held Loredano exhibitions in the past. “The dialogue between Loredano’s graphic work and the formal elegance and coherence of Resende’s sculptural work underline the importance of thinking about art more broadly, illuminating relationships that are more distant from the formal field, but close in terms of procedure”, says the artist. presentation text.

The exhibition will also continue to the IJR headquarters in São José do Barreiro, in a space of 1,2 m2 that has undergone a slight reconfiguration. The Institute has just won two new monumental sculptures by Resende, one installed at km 260 of the Rodovia dos Tropeiros – part of the old and historic route between Rio and São Paulo –, which signals access to the center, and another similar piece incorporated into the garden of the institute's sculptures, increasing the number of pieces displayed to visitors.

Exhibition by Cássio Loredano
José Resende Institute – Rua Dr. Esdras Pacheco Ferreira, 37 – Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo. Tel (21) 99964 4701
From November 30, 2019 to February 13, 2020

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