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On the 3rd of May, the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM Rio) turned 72 years old. The celebration of the date came in the form of a South American international call for a new position in the institution: artistic director. Since January 2020, MAM Rio has been under new leadership with executive director Fabio Szwarcwald and this initiative is part of a repositioning of the institution, which has one of the most important collections of modern and contemporary art in Latin America, with around 15 thousand works. The recent call marks the first time that MAM Rio has made an open selection process for a prominent position.

“It’s part of the transformation of the MAM Rio attract professionals who, with their experiences and knowledge, contribute to the construction of new ways of acting, guided by inclusive values ​​in favor of collective thinking. The objective is to promote the transit between the different artistic expressions, eliminating borders and generating integration between genres and poetic programs”, says Szwarcwald in a text published by the museum.

from left to the right, Jochen Volz, Fabio Szwarcwald and Eduardo Saron. At the seminar “Cultural Management: Contemporary Challenges”, organized by ARTE!Brasileiros and by Itaú Cultural. Photo: Disclosure

For the director, the proposal for an open call is “to publicize the initiative to a greater and more diverse number of professionals with the possibility of contributing to the vision of a contemporary, open, sustainable and solidary museum”, complementing that this is a vision that MAM Rio wants to build together with the museum's artists, society and audiences.

The artistic direction will be responsible for curating the visual arts and managing the collections, in addition to being responsible for areas ranging from exhibitions to initiatives and events of the cinema, documentation and education departments; in addition to the partnership with the international artist residency Capacete, which will have its activities, agenda and research processes integrated with MAM Rio.

The employment contract has a minimum term of two years, with the possibility of renewal, and they can apply professionals of Brazilian or foreign nationality, as long as they have a residence and work visa in Brazil or citizenship of one of the Mercosur countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay).

How to participate

To participate, candidates must submit their proposals, according to the rules and criteria published on the museum's website ( The deadline for receipt will be May 24. A committee formed by the institution's employees and external artists will evaluate the applications.

After the first stage of the selection process, five candidates will be interviewed for the second part of the call. The final analysis deadline for the last stage of the international call is July 24th, with the result released on the 27th of the same month - the deadline can be changed due to the quarantine.

The movement of MAM Rio illustrates the efforts of museums and institutions in the face of the challenges posed by social isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. For Veja SP, Szwarcwald commented that “culture is an outlet in these difficult times. People are realizing that art is a way of seeing the world differently and of proposing solutions. Art, like science, tells us where to go. I believe that art will be more valued when the pandemic ends.” 

Also check out the seminar “Cultural Management: contemporary challenges”, held in 2019 by arte!brasileiros and by Itaú Cultural, in which Fabio Szwarcwald was one of the guests. In this link.


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