The curator Beatriz Lemos. Photo: Juno F. Braga

A researcher and curator from Rio de Janeiro Beatriz Lemos is the new assistant curator of the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM Rio). Lemos was selected from an open call that gathered 139 candidates and joins the museum's team a few months later. Keyna Eleison and Pablo Lafuente assume the artistic directorship of the institution.     

The researcher has a master's degree in Social History of Culture from PUC-RJ and is the creator and director of the platform Lastro – Intercâmbios Livres em Arte. From anti-colonial perspectives, it works in the conduction and articulation of networked and transdisciplinary processes of creation and learning. In collaboration with MAM Rio, Beatriz coordinated the project to catalog the collections of works and documents by Márcia X (1959-2005), which culminated in the artist’s monographic exhibition in 2013.

According to the text published by the museum, “the Adjunct Curatorship reports directly to the Artistic Directorate and implements the artistic vision and mission of MAM Rio. It is responsible for the development of exhibition projects organized by the museum and for the relationship between these projects and the activities of the Artistic Nucleus, including research, conservation, education and training”.

For Keyna Eleison, “the choice of Beatriz Lemos fills us with more desire for exchange. She is a professional with a structured trajectory, of national and international research. She arrives with an intelligence for the construction of our project and positioning of MAM even richer”, she comments. The museum’s redesign process has been taking place mainly since January 2020, when Fabio Szwarcwald took over as executive director.

Lemos was one of the participants of the “VI International Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros: in defense of nature and culture”, because of her work as curator of Frestas – Trienal de Artes (alongside Diane Lima and Thiago de Paula Souza). Read more here.

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