Collaborative Fund
Art of publicizing the initiative. Photo: Disclosure
Collaborative Fund
Image to publicize the initiative. Photo: Disclosure

En a moment of deep crisis in Brazil, some of the most active independent art spaces in the country came together to conceive the Collaborative Fund for Artists and Creators. Developed from FunColab, an initiative by Manor of Pineapples (Rio de Janeiro) launched in 2020, the Fundo Collaborative brings together, in addition to the carioca space, the People's house (Sao Paulo), the SLZ floor (Saint Louis), the Maumau Gallery (Reef), the JA.CA (Belo Horizonte) and the pivot (Sao Paulo).

With the objective of attracting donations and distributing them to artists and arts professionals from all over the country, the project's first initiative is an action entitled BROTAR. In it, each participant, after receiving a grant in the amount of R$ 800, is invited to share their practices and research through the Collaborative Fund's social networks and, subsequently, nominate a next professional to also receive resources. The first names announced were the artist Linga Acácio from Ceará and the artist from Maranhão Layo Bulhão. Four more participants will be announced in the coming days.

“In this way, successively, a care support chain is elaborated that unfolds in cycles of six participants. In this way, the artists themselves are responsible for creating this network, which, in this first act, will support a total of 36 artists”, explains the project's disclosure text.

Collaborative Fund
“Terra posithiva”, 2020, performance by Linga Acácio. An artist from Ceará, Linga researches, writes and produces knowledge that crosses the fields of performance, intersectionality, gender dissidence and transvestility, HIV+, contaminations between body and space and anti-colonial strategies. Photo: Disclosure.

According to the institutions involved, “the initiative was created with the intention of encouraging the continuity of creative processes through various ways of encouraging artists and art professionals from all over Brazil”. “Given the serious scarcity of resources and the currently constant rupture of institutional ties aimed at democratic order, creating networks of mutual support and promoting their continuities are ways of preserving the lives of those who build a shared culture with their own artistic work. And at this time of serious economic crisis intensified both by the Covid-19 pandemic and by the total governmental neglect and its lack of national public policies, the creation of systemic support networks becomes increasingly urgent.”

According to Bernardo Mosqueira, director of Solar dos Abacaxis, the Collaborative Fund's intention from this first action is to reach other partnerships. “We are open and willing to support individuals, companies, and institutes both in Brazil and abroad. For us it is very important that each fundraising campaign is accompanied by a fundraising campaign so that we can always give movement to this fund and our activities”, he says. In parallel with BROTAR, the Collaborative Fund launched an online donation campaign (see here).

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