The MAR, in Praça Mauá, Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Disclosure

CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern and Contemporary Art), an organization affiliated to ICOM (International Council of Museums) and which brings together more than 600 directors and professionals of art museums around the world, published this week an appeal to the City Hall of Rio expressing its concern about the situation of MAR (Museu de Arte do Rio).

In December 2019, a transfer of BRL 451 thousand from the City Hall guaranteed the operation of MAR until the end of the year and the end of the prior notice given to the museum's employees. The transfer, however, does not cover the expenses for this year 2020 and, in the context of the economic crisis that affects the city, new transfers to the Odeon Institute (entity that manages MAR) are threatened.

“CIMAM wishes to express its deep concern about MAR's current ability to secure wages and services from 2020 onwards”. In the statement, the committee asks Mayor Marcelo Crivella to maintain public funding for the museum. MAR, founded in 2013, follows the text, “has gained worldwide recognition for combining an international artistic vision with educational programs and for focusing on low-income communities”. The loss of public funds would result in the museum's collapse, says CIMAM.

Finally, the committee also recognizes the wide range of actions carried out by the artistic movement MAR VIVE, which has already gathered almost 45 signatures in an open letter asking for the protection of the museum. “This shows the far-reaching social impact and importance of this unique museum.”

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