Detail from "Tree" (2013), Manuella Karmann donated to 300 drawings

With the objective of raising funds to support three important philanthropic organizations - which are developing direct actions during the pandemic of Covid-19 -, the 300 Drawings project brought together a volunteer group of visual arts professionals that includes artists at different stages of their careers. The only guidelines were that the donated work be a drawing, unpublished or not, on A4 sheet, allowing the free interpretation of each participant and resulting in a collective and diverse body of work.



Among the guests are established artists such as Ernesto Neto, Artur Lescher, Guto Lacaz and Jac Leirner, as well as emerging names such as Anna Costa e Silva, Mariana Palma, Mano Penalva and Manuela Costa Lima.

How does it work?

Ao contributing with a single quota of R$ 1000, project supporters are directed to the website of the project, where they will be able to view the donated works and find out which one will be theirs. An interesting point is that the work is not chosen by the supporter, but by an algorithm of the initiative itself. Thus, each drawing is, in a way, assigned to its owner as if the work chose the supporter. There is no limit on collaborations, however.

The campaign runs until the 10th of May and when it is finished, the funds collected will be donated in equal parts to the three chosen philanthropic organizations: APIB, CUFA and Habitat.

The organizations supported

A APIB (Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil) is a reference in the national indigenous movement. It was created to defend indigenous rights, articulating and bringing together organizations from all regions of the country.

CUFA (Central Única das Favelas) is responsible for the creation and implementation of cultural, artistic, sporting and educational projects in favelas and outskirts throughout Brazil. Its action began more than 20 years ago.

Brazil Habitat part of the international mobilization Habitat for Humanity. In the country, the organization has been operating since 1992 to propose and influence public policies for access to housing. In addition, it promotes training actions and, through volunteering and mobilization actions, seeks to involve society in the fight for the right to adequate housing.


The organizers of 300 Drawings are Amanda Rodrigues Alves, Alexandre Gabriel, Camilla Barella, Carolina Câmara, Efrain Almeida, Erika Verzutti, Fernanda Brenner, Magê Abatayguara, Mel Marcondes and Paula Signorelli.

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