Exhibition "Xibiú", by artist Ulysses Bôscolo

here23November10:00Fri23February19:30Exhibition "Xibiú", by artist Ulysses Bôscolo'Xibiu' is the name of artist Ulysses Bôscollo's solo exhibition which will feature more than 100 paintings. OÁ Gallery, Av. César Hilal, 1180 - store 9 - Praia do Suá - Vitória


“Bôscolo’s gestures translate his eagerness into what he intends to print, in the intensity of a vibrant and spontaneous flow. The colors and frenetic textures vibrate with large pictorial layers of those who know how to dominate the drawing and let it be dominated. Ulysses has already painted a vast catalog of birds and dogs, as well as invented and remembered landscapes. He is passionate about fiction and scientific discoveries, as well as literature and art history.”
(excerpt from critical text by Renato de Cara)

Exposure | Xibiú
From November 22nd to February 23rd
Monday to Friday (except holidays), from 10am to 19:30pm


November 23 (Thursday) 10:00 - February 23 (Friday) 19:30(GMT-03:00)


OÁ Gallery

Av. César Hilal, 1180 - store 9 - Praia do Suá - Vitória