"Têta" exhibition

Sat18May(May 18)11:00sun08set(Sep 8)18:00"Têta" exhibitionLidia Lisbôa's exhibition at MAR showcases crochet and macramé craftsMuseum of Art of Rio - MAR, Praça Mauá, 5 – Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ


Sculptures and suspended installations that, through weaves and textile elements, present to the public the strength of manufacturing in contemporary Brazilian art. This is the motto of the works created by the artist from Paraná Lydia Lisbon, on display at Museum of Art of Rio (MAR) starting this Saturday, 18/05, International Museum Day. The exposure “Têta”, the artist's first solo show at the institution, presents around 30 works and is curated by Amanda Bonan, Marcelo Campos, Amanda Rezende, Thayná Trindade and Jean Carlos Azuos. The exhibition will feature some new works commissioned by the institution, and is part of “Mulheres no MAR”, a program that aims to expand the exhibition of art produced by Brazilian artists. This is the third exhibition of the project, which began with the solo show “Ònà Irin: Caminho de ferro”, by Nádia Taquary, and recently with “Pamuri Pati: Mundo de Transformação”, by Daiara Tukano.

Uteruses, teats, umbilical cords and termite mounds are part of the poetics of artist Lidia Lisbôa. With research that encompasses ancestral territory and the female body, the artist invites the public to immerse themselves in her works. “Lidia is a black woman who comes close to what, poetically, was linked to the feminine in the arts, mainly the textile issue and the research on clay itself. In everything, it is a work very close to hands, to manual work, but with expanded contemporary thinking. She installs it, hangs it, spreads it on the floor, makes it in quantity and accumulates it. Lidia's studio is made up of sewing elements such as fabrics and scraps, buttons, yarn, all the elements that we would find in a sewing studio. But it is also important to say that there is a very assertive choice in these materials in this place, that is, she buys the rolls of fabric, it is not just a material for collection or disposal. This gives Lidia’s own work the element of choice, which the notion of a patchwork quilt would not fit into,” says Marcelo Campos, chief curator at MAR.

The Rio Art Museum is a facility owned by the City of Rio de Janeiro, under the responsibility of the Municipal Secretariat of Culture, managed by the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI). The exhibition will be on display until September 8th and occupies the ground floor of the exhibition pavilion. The artist's practice develops on different supports and her sculptural installations feature elements such as crochet, macramé and sewing. “SEA has the vocation of being a plural and pulsating space, where thought goes beyond the senses. And this is what Lidia Lisboa conveys in her productions, when she values ​​the strength of the female figure and puts it in tune with contemporary Brazilian art while at the same time disturbing us with the landscapes of the body and memory beyond what is seen” , says Leonardo Barchini, director of OEI in Brazil.

Art Works

The public who visits the ground floor of the MAR Exhibition Pavilion will find works from the series entitled “Tetas que gave de mamar ao mundo”, whose production began in 2011. These are large textile sculptures that are raised to the ceiling and they fall close to the floor, in a shape that resembles female breasts. The exhibition also presents his sculptural works, in particular the Cupinzeiros series. From her brothers' umbilical cords that she saw being cut during childbirth to the termite mounds that she observed in her rural youth, Lisbôa sews and transforms her memories into art.

Exhibition | Têta
From May 18th to September 8rd
Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 18pm (last entry at 17pm)


May 18, 2024 11:00 - September 8, 2024 18:00(GMT-03:00)


Museum of Art of Rio - MAR

Praça Mauá, 5 – Downtown, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

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