Exhibition “Bright Sun: archives of life and resistance”

Sat06April(Apr 6)10:00sun18August(Aug 18)18:00Exhibition “Bright Sun: archives of life and resistance”The exhibition is part of the Alípio Freire Collection, donated to the Memorial da Resistência in 2023pina station, LG. General Osório, 66, São Paulo - SP


On the 60th anniversary of the Brazilian Military Coup (1964–1985), the picture galleryOn joint realization to Memorial of the Resistance of São Paulo, builds dialogues about the state of exception based on the artistic and documentary collections of both institutions. The joint exhibition occupies the 2nd floor of Pina Estação.

The exhibition takes place in the pina station, which until 1983 hosted Deops/SP — State Department of Political and Social Order of São Paulo —, which acted as the State's political repression apparatus and where countless people were arrested and tortured during the Civil-Military Dictatorship (1964–1985) , and today it is occupied by the São Paulo Resistance Memorial and the São Paulo Pinacoteca.

The exhibition is part of the Alípio Freire Collection, donated to the Memorial da Resistência in 2023. It will be the first time that the set, composed of works by former political prisoners from São Paulo prisons during the dictatorial period and brought together by Alípio Freire and Rita Sipahi, will be shown to the public at the Pinacoteca.

Among the highlights of the exhibition is the work from the Pinacoteca collection Ghosts of Hopea (2018), by Marcela Cantuária, which brings symbolic elements that the exhibition proposes to discuss.


Highlights from the Pinacoteca's collection are the works Wake up (1967) by Neide Sá, which will be presented in a new configuration, and Developments (2017), by Jefferson Medeiros.

In dialogue with the Pinacoteca collection is part of the collection of journalist and former political prisoner Alípio Freire (in memoriam) and his wife Rita Sipahi, who gathers records of political prisoners during the Civil-Military Dictatorship (1964–1985). Paintings, drawings, collages and engravings are brought together, made in different prisons in the city of São Paulo, such as Tiradentes, Carandiru, Women's Penitentiary, Hipódromo, Romão Gomes Military Prison (Barro Branco) and in Deops/SP itself, during the 70s. Since 2023, the works have been part of the collection of the Memorial da Resistência de São Paulo.

The collective Mulheres Possíveis presents a multidisciplinary artistic project developed by artists Beatriz Cruz, Leticia Olivares, Sandra Ximenez and Vânia Medeiros in collaboration with women imprisoned in the Capital Women's Penitentiary since 2016.

The collection brings visibility to the current prison situation, with the narrative of the body as the center of the experience. In the exhibition, the public will be able to see the images produced by women deprived of liberty during the project's workshops and which resulted in the publication Mulheres Possíveis- corpo, gender e incarceração in 2019.

Finally, the Bajubá collection, a community project to record memories of Brazilian LGBT+ communities, brings together a collection of items that record sexual diversity and the plurality of gender expressions and identities in the country, also during the military period. Part of this archive can be seen in the exhibition.

Exhibition | Blazing Sun: archives of life and resistance
From April 06th to August 18th
Wednesday to Monday, from 10 am to 18 pm


April 6, 2024 10:00 - August 18, 2024 18:00(GMT-03:00)


pina station

LG. General Osório, 66, São Paulo - SP

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