Exhibition "Rubem Dario: the Poet of Colors"

Sat13April(Apr 13)10:00Sat29Jun(jun 29)19:00Exhibition "Rubem Dario: the Poet of Colors"The first solo show by the artist from Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro at the São Paulo gallery, the exhibition brings together 67 unique works that, together, illustrate the contribution of this artist who is considered one of the great protagonists of the national artistic tapestry; Before the inauguration there will be a preview of the collection gathered on 6/4 through guided toursGallery Past Composite 20th Century, Alameda Lorena, 1996 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo - SP


After participating in 11 collective exhibitions at Gallery Past Composite 20th Century In 2013 and 2014, the Minas Gerais-Rioca artist Rubem Dario Horta Bittencourt (1941 – 1978) won his first solo show in this gallery, which is a national reference in artistic and decorative tapestry, “Rubem Dario: the Poet of Colors”, which will open to the public on 13/4 and can be viewed until 29/6.

The exhibition, which is curated by the gallery's owner, Graça Bueno, and in special collaboration with historian Paulo César Garcez Marins, rescues Dario's memory based on historical documents and a collection of works that have been under the care of his sister since 1978, Anna Lúcia Bittencourt. In total, the exhibition covers a period from 1963 to 1978 and brings together 67 unique works, including 56 model cards, 6 tapestries, 3 drawings and 2 project studies. Of this collected collection, most of the gouaches on paper have never been exhibited and these works can be considered unpublished. As a highlight, Graça chooses a monumental wool tapestry (2,91m x 2,16m) from 1965 produced by Artesanato Guanabara on manual loom.

A self-confessed fan of the artist, the gallery owner recalls when and how she discovered Dario's art.

“In 2013, I acquired a monumental and exceptionally beautiful tapestry with tropical themes. At the time I bought it from a family and I didn't know more about the artist. I simply fell in love with the work. Years later, in 2016, upon meeting and meeting in person with his sister, Anna Lúcia, I discovered, through the vast historical archive housed in his residence in Rio de Janeiro, that this magnificent tapestry had been commissioned in 1968 by Colégio Santo Inácio and was carried out by the Bangu Penitentiary Studio, which for years was a reference in social work”, he states.

Regarding the importance of the artist, she contextualizes: “He could not live without the landscape or without the vision of nature. He created tapestries with themes of tropical vegetation and the combination of opposites, machine and nature, symbolizing the man of the city and the countryside. Initiated in painting and with a muralist vocation, he produced unique works in gouache as the basis for his tapestries, for which he achieved success, recognition and the title of the magician of colors”. Graça also states that Dario's production is remarkable for the national artistic tapestry due to its originality and magical mastery of colors in the various themes of nature, from tropical nature to geometric and figurative abstracts from the period from 1963 to 1978. “Although his career has Although it was short and meteoric, his poetic and consistent legacy was materialized by the success of his participation in individual and collective exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, especially at the I Bienal de Artes Aplicadas del Uruguay in Punta Del Este, in March 1965”, quote.

Exhibition | Rubem Dario: the Poet of Colors
From April 13th to June 29th
Monday to Friday, 10am to 19pm; Saturdays, from 10am to 14pm; closed on Sundays


April 13, 2024 10:00 - June 29, 2024 19:00 pm(GMT-03:00)


Gallery Past Composite 20th Century

Alameda Lorena, 1996 - Jardim Paulista, São Paulo - SP

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