Exhibition “Rock and Roll - Bosco Sodi and objects of interest”

Wed20Mar(Mar 20)10:00sun19May(May 19)17:30Exhibition “Rock and Roll - Bosco Sodi and objects of interest”Curated by Marcello Dantas, this is the artist's first exhibition in a Brazilian museumHouse of Roses, Av. Paulista, 37, Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP


The Mexican artist Bosco Sodi presents his first solo exhibition “Rock and Roll – Bosco Sodi and the objects of interest”At House of Roses, museum of the Secretariat of Culture, Economy and Creative Industry of the State of São Paulo, and managed by the Poiesis Social Organization. The exhibition starts on March 20th and entry is free. Known worldwide for his research with materials of natural origin and practices that rescue his ancestry, Bosco Sodi brings together around 20 works, including paintings, sculptures and installations, such as “Harmless deception”, “The stars are alive” are alive], “All we gotta do is surrender”, which question the history of the Americas and the entire colonial past of the continents.

The countries belonging to North, South and Central America developed as their specific contexts (geographic, social, political and economic) allowed, but they had one guide in common: the European colonial system. The colonization process of these regions left deep marks on society, which reverberate to this day, as economic and political patterns that perpetuate social inequality and discrimination against native peoples and those of African origin. Thus, for the exhibition “Rock and Roll – Bosco Sodi and the objects of interest” the artist uses fundamental elements to represent the objects of interest from the exploration and conflicts that shaped the colonization of the New World: land, coffee, sugar, wood , gold, tobacco, blood and salt.

Promoting this debate against the background of the history of Casa das Rosas, an architectural icon of an era, and the history of Avenida Paulista, a symbol of wealth and the coffee economy, is a way of recognizing our past and rescuing the layers of historical significance , social and economic. Precisely designed for the occasion, the works promote a forceful, or even controversial, dialogue with the neoclassical architecture of the former residence, in the same way when the exhibition “What goes around, comes around” was held at the Fondazione dell'Albero d'Oro, on the occasion of the Venice Biennale, in 2022. Architecture has always represented an important element for Bosco Sodi, who often challenges the aesthetics that surround the places where he works. In Oaxaca, on the Mexican coast, the artist maintains Casa Wabi, a philanthropic space designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, ​​which incorporates the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy and strives for simplicity and contact with nature. This place is the birthplace for most of his productions and inspires him to explore materials of natural origin.

Clay is the catalyst for the exhibition, used in almost all of the works in “Rock and Roll – Bosco Sodi and the objects of interest”. In one of the main installations, the artist used the material to produce dozens of small spheres, in which, not surprisingly, he planted bouquets of roses. These small “rose enameled bulbs” form a large installation that occupies the entire space of one of the main rooms on the second floor. Also occupying another room, a large installation brings together more than thirty grouped clay spheres, which refer to the resistance and survival of cultures and ancestral knowledge. They were all produced by hand and purposely assume the imperfection of the gesture and the drying and burning processes they undergo. The exhibition also brings together a set of paintings on Brazilian coffee bags, like one of Bosco Sodi's most iconic series, where he uses pepper storage bags, a traditional delicacy in Mexico. These paintings draw attention to their bright green tones, the same color used for textured paintings made of organic materials. In the exhibition, the artist proposes an aesthetic contrast with two other works made from natural rocks. While one features stones coated with gold, reminiscent of precious objects of desire, others were painted in bright blood red. One complementing the other within the history of Brazilian colonization.

Bosco Sodi creates a counterpoint to the process by subverting the questioning about current instruments of colonization, hence the concept of Rock as another object of interest in the exhibition. The artist's methodology mirrors the authenticity and energy of what he produces under the liberating and colonizing duality of rock and roll, capturing the spirit of the time with a presence and objectivity that defies convention. All works are titled with excerpts from American rock songs. Rock today plays a very strong role as a weapon of colonization and control. Curator Marcello Dantas explains that “the artist proposes to the visitor a search for evidence embedded in our collective memory of how minds are being colonized, challenges us to see beyond the surface, to feel the complex texture of history and to recognize the power of art as a tool to question, connect and heal.”

Exhibition | Rock and Roll – Bosco Sodi and the objects of interest
From March 20th to May 19th
Tuesday to Sunday (including holidays), 10am to 17:30pm (staying until 18pm)


March 20, 2024 10:00 - May 19, 2024 17:30(GMT-03:00)


House of Roses

Av. Paulista, 37, Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP

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