Exhibition "Renato Rios: The Elephant and the Sapphire"

Mon25Mar(Mar 25)11:00, promising30May(May 30)19:00Exhibition "Renato Rios: The Elephant and the Sapphire"Renato Rios's first solo exhibition at Galeria Estação, occupies two spaces with a series of paintings interconnected by the dreamy, figurative and abstract poetics of the artist from BrasiliaStation Gallery, Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 625 - São Paulo - SP


Bachelor in Visual Arts from the University of Brasília, his hometown, Renato Rios He has lived in São Paulo since 2016. In the capital of São Paulo, he was an assistant to the sculptor Laura Vinci and the painter Paulo Pasta, two great inspirations for his artistic training. At 34 years old, with an expressive production that has already accumulated seven celebrated solo exhibitions, as well as awards and participation in several collective exhibitions, the young artist now has his new exhibition, Renato Rios: The Elephant and the Sapphire. Opening on 25/3, the solo exhibition, made up of 38 works including small, medium and large format paintings – one of which gives its name to the exhibition – marks the first collaboration of its representation by Galeria Estação, a partnership, in fact, sought after by the artist himself. artist.

“For me it is very meaningful to be part of Galeria Estação because it has roots of Brazilian art in which I have always believed. I chose this space to host my work because I always wanted to structure it based on these roots. The exhibition is also a kind of celebration. For the first time I feel that I have brought together all my technical and poetic resources in a single exhibition”, says Rios. “I think that my work now presents the maturity of being in a place where I can move with great confidence in what I do without any type of reservation or shyness”, he says.

For Vilma Eid, founding partner of Station Gallery, Rios’ approach was also like a gift, as was his curatorial suggestion for the exhibition.

“Talented, charismatic, Renato chose us and immediately won us over. His prose reflects his work, which comprises a world that goes from real to imaginary, captivating everyone with the feeling of 'I want more'. Ana Carolina Ralston was also his choice. As we have wanted to carry out a project curated by her for some time, the right time has come. Renato is so exquisite and detailed that he built a model to show us how he thought about the exhibition. So, he convinced us to occupy two floors of the gallery to show his visual dissertation”, explains Vilma.

On the ground floor of Galeria Estação, Rios displays canvases that propose a chromatic study focused on the vegetable, mineral and animal universes. On the side walls of the mezzanine there will be two polyptychs with an installation character, Serestas I e II, made up of 24 small paintings that, according to the artist, are like “little flags that suggest a musical score of colors”. Combining these elements, two large paintings establish a poetic unity with the set of images.

“The 'scores' converge, on one side, with an ovoid called Great Spirit, 2,5m wide. On the other, we will have the screen The Elephant and the Sapphire. The dream that inspired this painting came to me five years ago, when my wife was pregnant with my daughter, Aurora. I was tired in the studio and decided to take a very brief nap, but in it I had this dream in which an elephant walked through the bedroom door carrying at the tip of her trunk a sapphire so intense that everything around her was enveloped in a mysterious blue light. When I woke up, I ran to the studio and in 15 minutes I drew a blue elephant with a white egg in its trunk. For me, everything makes sense when I can do things like this, take a small portion of the life that was given to me, and extract from it and measure the beauty that always opens up to me”, explains Rios.

In Ana Carolina Ralston's curatorial text, this intuitive characteristic of the artist, who moves on the threshold between reality and imagination, also reverberates in other choices of his poetics: “Painting for Rios is the place where the artist realizes himself as a subject. Time and space in which it brings together faculties in the analytical fields and in the different phenomena of perception. His choices are in line with the thinking of Antônio Bispo dos Santos (1959-2023), who in his cosmological vision says that a river does not stop being a river because it converges with others, on the contrary. He becomes himself and many rivers, becoming stronger. Such confluence in Rios’ production unites visualities, connects the figurative and abstract worlds”, he argues.

Exhibition | Renato Rios: The Elephant and the Sapphire
From March 25th to May 30th
Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 19 pm; Saturdays, from 11 am to 15 pm


March 25, 2024 11:00 - May 30, 2024 19:00(GMT-03:00)


Station Gallery

Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 625 - São Paulo - SP

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