Exhibition "Swirl does not take a pestle"

Wed06Mar(Mar 6)10:00Sat04May(May 4)19:00Exhibition "Swirl does not take a pestle"Show inaugurates Gomide&Co's annual exhibition program in 2024.Gomide & Co, Avenida Paulista, 2644 01310-300 - São Paulo - SP


A Gomide&Co and Ground Zero Gallery are pleased to present Swirl does not take a pestle, first solo show Advânio Lessa in Sao Paulo. Curated by Valkyrie Prates, the exhibition inaugurates Gomide&Co's annual exhibition program in 2024. The opening takes place on March 06th, at 18pm, and the visiting period runs from March 07th to May 04th.

Advânio Lessa (1981) was born and lives in Lavras Novas, district of Ouro Preto (MG). Both his place of origin, marked by his quilombola heritage, and his parents' trades (basket maker and drover) are fundamental parts of the universe on which his poetics as an artist and farmer since his adolescence have been based. Making sculptures on a human scale from wooden trunks of dead trees, roots and braided vines, the artist links his knowledge of basketry and carpentry with wood and fibers found in the forests of the Ouro Preto region, such as cipó-alho, cipó -de-são-joão, candeia, rosewood, small leaf and rosemary. It is in close dialogue with this repertoire that Lessa creates her works, in which nature is a kind of co-author. In an interview with Valquíria Prates, a researcher of his work, the artist states: “The impressive sensations I've had, be it aesthetics, energy, movement, balance, texture, I've never seen anything more vibrant than the image itself. nature. So, for me, everything is already there. We need to understand and be humble enough to connect more with what is already there.” (Valquíria Prates, “In everything that is big, the amendment is small: a conversation with Advânio Lessa”, 2023).

Always interested in the human capacity to transform contexts, places, situations and relationships, Lessa's artistic research focuses on the work, knowledge and spiritualities of people kidnapped from Africa and brought to Brazil. For Redemoinho doesn't take a pestle, the artist invites visitors to a deep process of reflection around one of the most important plants linked to the history of Avenida Paulista: the coffee. The exhibition consists of a circuit made up of six sculptures, threads and flowers of São João vine, pestles and thousands of coconut coffee beans that are interconnected, forming a large installation that aims to address the production systems surrounding cultivation. This plant is so common in the daily lives of people living across the country. A plant with a magical character in some religious traditions, coffee is present on tables in homes, bakeries, restaurants, offices, work rooms, as well as in stalls spread across the city's sidewalks, driving economic efforts and interfering with attention cycles for centuries. passing through the hands of those who plant and those who drink and generating abundant resources.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the Yoruba proverb “Ijì kìí kó gbódó” [The whirlpool does not carry the pestle], taken from the book Owé, by Mãe Stella de Oxóssi, and which celebrates the strength of those who are not defeated even in these conditions and contexts. adverse. It thus seeks to allude to those who are responsible for building and generating wealth, under all types of violence, oppression and injustice, in all areas of human activity in the country. The sculptures to be presented in an unprecedented way in the exhibition are part of the Nascimento series and have been worked on by Lessa since 2010, made with wood from trees and different periods from the forests of Lavras Novas, in which they carry within themselves “the stories of minerals, insects and animals that temporarily coexisted with them, layers below the earth, on it and under the stars and planets that are with us now”, according to the artist’s words. Meetings and conversations about coffee production methods, the possibility of establishing good living systems integrated with food production, as well as case studies between art and agriculture, are part of the exhibition's public program.

Advânio Lessa's proposal for his first solo exhibition in São Paulo is a continuation of his research process on systems of transformation through work between species in specific contexts, which began with the exhibition If you want to know the end, pay attention to the beginning (2023 ), curated by Valquíria Prates. Presented at the Museu da Inconfidência, in Ouro Preto, the exhibition was held by the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea de Ouro Preto (IA) in the context of the Raiz Program, which investigates contemporary art produced by artists from the region with more than 20 years of career.

Exhibition | Swirl does not take a pestle
From March 06th to May 04th
Monday to Friday, from 10am to 19pm. Saturday, from 11am to 17pm


March 6, 2024 10:00 - May 4, 2024 19:00(GMT-03:00)


Gomide & Co

Avenida Paulista, 2644 01310-300 - São Paulo - SP

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