Exhibition “O Diving”, by artist Renata Adler

Fri08dez(ten 8)09:00sun03Mars(Mar 3)20:00Exhibition “O Diving”, by artist Renata AdlerThe artist's works are inspired by chameleons and mix movement, integration with nature, transformation and synchronicitySantander lighthouse, Rua João Brícola, 24 – Centro, São Paulo - SP


The public will be able to see the installation from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 9am to 20pm and tickets can be purchased at https://www.farolsantander.com.br/#/sp and at the physical box office of Farol Santander itself

One of the new names in national contemporary art, Rio de Janeiro Renata Adler disembarks on December 08th at Santander lighthouse, in São Paulo, with its new exhibition “The Dive”, curated by Marc Pottier. Having been working on this project for two years, the artist's proposal is not to present just an exhibition, but a large immersive installation, where she invites the public to enter a forest full of chameleons.

On the occasion, 17 works will be presented, including; Infinite Love and the Mourning of the Past (2016/2017), The Three Links (2018), The Movement of Water (2018), Rain (2017) and Chameleons and the Path of Transformation (2017). To create the installation, the artist created more than 250 “chameleons” and 30 aquariums, which will occupy one floor of Farol Santander.

Chameleons, which are his artistic signature, go far beyond just the animal, but bring two characteristics inherent to this creature: adaptation and transmutation.

“The chameleon is a symbol. I spent my entire life trying to change myself, always looking for a better version of myself. So, the chameleon interests me a lot not only because of the constant movement of color, or survival. He is a being, like all of us, in transformation. The DNA of my work is always in the transmutation of being and matter” comments Renata about her creative process.

The artist likes to work with wood in its roughest format and with random objects that bring versatility and are part of nature. From the raw material to the final work, the chameleons take shape during the process and live up to their characteristic resilience. The “chameleons” are sculptures of thin turned wooden columns that have different shapes and are rounded, flat and painted in some parts.

Sometimes metallic elements or small mirrors appear that contradict the verticality of the work. They emerge from the floor or rain down from the ceiling. Renata’s “chameleons” compose, through the parallels they form in their presentation, a construction of straight lines whose vanishing point disappears from the viewer’s view, immersing them in this exhibition-installation. Like a path and at the end of it, the public comes across 30 aquariums. They are video installations that show the movement of water like a river.

The transformations that Renata Adler proposes here are part of her artistic and philosophical questions: movement, change, integration and synchronization – with all the risks and uncertainties that this type of work produces. The movement has an essential place that inspires it. "Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. I use this in my personal and professional life. The continuous movement and transformation of being and matter is important. This generates peace and vital energy”, reflects the artist.

The installation will take the public to great verticality, releasing their energy and placing them in the middle of the sky. Immersed in colors, fire and water, at the stunning Farol Santander. “I'm happy and excited. Creation feeds my soul and it is a privilege to set up my work in one of the most emblematic settings in São Paulo”, he concludes.

Exhibition | The Dive
From December 08nd to March 03th
Tuesday to Sunday, from 09:20 to XNUMX:XNUMX


December 8 (Friday) 09:00 - March 3 (Sunday) 20:00(GMT-03:00)


Santander lighthouse

Rua João Brícola, 24 – Centro, São Paulo - SP