Solo exhibition "MAQUINICA" by Edith Derdyk

here07dez(ten 7)10:00Fri15Mars(Mar 15)22:00Solo exhibition "MAQUINICA" by Edith DerdykThe exhibition is made up of around 8 sets of works using different procedures between drawing and sculptural object Climate Gallery, Estr. da Gávea, 899 - Store 233 - Gávea, Rio de Janeiro - RJ


The series of works are the result of research begun in 2020 carried out by the artist on Descriptive Geometry, a drawing technique that emerged in the mid-to-late XNUMXth century, having an impact on technological development at the time of the Industrial Revolution, by facilitating the visualization of objects manufactured and their systematization.

the exhibition name MACHINERY it derives from the clash between the technical drawing that reveals a mechanical action and the artisanal gesture, present in the exhibition with the seams. The exhibition “speculates on the methods of representing machinic operations, driven by a certain insane reason, fruits of abstraction based on the observation of reality and its projection in the way of producing industrial objects, endorsing a way of thinking about life itself”, it states the artist, author of several books on drawing.

Below is Maria Hirzsman's essay:
“Edith Derdyk is a radical artist. She is not content to stay on the surface of things. She is permanently experimenting, continuing tireless research into drawing – her theme and her language par excellence –, trying to understand it not as a mere instrument of representation, but as a way of being in the world. “Drawing is not just a pencil and paper thing”, she repeats, paraphrasing Mário de Andrade in an attempt to explain his permanent struggle against a Cartesian, instrumental and reductionist view of the medium.

It is interesting to note that, despite the different formats and supports, the works gathered in the current exhibition share not only the desire to question a reductionist view of drawing, but also derive from an extremely coherent poetics, which has been little by little constructed by Edith, in a long process that began in the 1980s. Recurrences are evident in them, which she calls “personal mythologies” and which constitute the ground on which she works. The black line; the design that goes from plan to space, in a clear architectural vocation; the restless and repetitive movement of the line; a certain improvisational character are some of these elements that make up the artist’s grammar.”

Exposure | MACHINERY
From December 07th to March 15th
Monday to Saturday, 10am to 22pm and Sunday and holidays: 14pm to 22pm


December 7 (Thursday) 10:00 - March 15 (Friday) 22:00(GMT-03:00)


Climate Gallery

Estr. da Gávea, 899 - Store 233 - Gávea, Rio de Janeiro - RJ