Exhibition “Hori: Tukano and Wanano” by Dhiani Pa'saro and Duhigó

Sat21out(Oct 21)10:00Sat02dez(ten 2)19:00Exhibition “Hori: Tukano and Wanano” by Dhiani Pa'saro and DuhigóAura's first exhibition dedicated to contemporary indigenous artAura Gallery, Rua da Consolação, 2767. Jardins, São Paulo - SP


A Aura opens, on October 21st, the exhibition “Hori: Tukano and Wanano”, collective of Dhiani Pa'saro (1975, São Gabriel da Cachoeira/AM) and Duhigo (1957, São Gabriel da Cachoeira/AM), in partnership with Manaus Amazônia Galeria de Arte. With a selection of works focused on different issues involving contemporary indigenous art, the exhibition covers some of the central elements that characterize the uniqueness of the production of each of these artists.

Hori is a word of Tukano origin that, for Duhigó, means the set of graphics and cave paintings drawn by the ancestors of the indigenous peoples of the Upper Rio Negro, in Amazonas, of which the Tukano and Wanano peoples are part — ethnicities of Duhigó and Dhiani , respectively. Hori is, moreover, also a form of perception and a visual expression of what results from the rituals of Khaapi, the basis of Ayuasca, in which indigenous people connect with the upper world to bring to life the sacred drawings that are part of the story, the daily lives and ceremonies of these people, as well as being part of the visual culture that involves their production of ceramics, baskets, benches and body paintings. Hori is, in a way, a way of perceiving the world in its colors, lines and vibrations — the spiritual that materializes, the invisible that becomes visible.

Aura's first exhibition dedicated to contemporary indigenous art, “Hori: Tukano and Wanano” is representative not only of the ambition to build a truly plural artistic body of representations for the gallery, but also of its openness to diverse dialogues and partnerships. The collective nature of all the work that went into the conception of the exhibition – from the curation and the interest in exhibiting more than one artist to the collective writing of the presentation text and the dialogue between two galleries – is also the mirror of this predisposition to a vertex amplifier of coexistence with contemporary art that extends to the inclinations of both Aura and Manaus Amazônia.

Exposure | Hori: Tukano and Wanano
From October 21th to December 02rd
Monday to Friday from 10am to 19pm | Saturday from 10pm to 17pm


October 21 (Saturday) 10:00 - December 2 (Saturday) 19:00


Aura Gallery

Rua da Consolação, 2767. Jardins, São Paulo - SP