Exhibition "Gestures of love, practices of seduction"

Fri19January(Jan 19)10:00Sat09Mars(Mar 9)19:00Exhibition "Gestures of love, practices of seduction"First exhibition of 2024 continues the program that functions as a space for curatorial experimentation, with works from the 20th century and by artists invited and selected in a public notice.Almeida & Dale, Rua Caconde, 152 - 01425-010 – São Paulo – SP


Discussions about attraction and intimacy permeate the second edition of the exhibition program “Contra-Flecha,” entitled “Gestures of love, practices of seduction”. From the biology and chemistry of libido to the magic of the power of attraction and the abstractions of pleasure and sexual relations, including friendships and family affection, the exhibition will discuss the plural forms of representation of love and affection in art. The selection, made by the project's creators Germano Dushá, Rafael RG and Fabíola Rodrigues as guest curator, brings a diversity of voices with different romantic ideas, ranging from immateriality to physicality, from the sacred to the profane, from the explicit to the suggestive, from traditional modes to constant reinventions in the ways of relating.

The “Contra-Flecha” exhibition program, which had its first edition in 2023, has the premise of working on new perspectives on the history of Brazilian art, composing exhibitions with works from the gallery’s collection/network, by artists invited directly and by artists selected by through an open call. Every year the program has a new conceptual/curatorial proposition and, therefore, a new title. With almost 500 artists registered, the curatorial committee analyzed each entry in terms of the inventiveness, density and artistic potential observed in the works presented, as well as the research and experiences linked to social markers. The main selection criterion, however, was the relationship with the curatorial proposal and the possible dialogues with the works in the gallery's collection and network.

There will be works by artists such as Antonio Henrique Amaral, Chico Tabibuia, Hudinilson Jr., Ismael Nery, José Leonilson, Lygia Pape, Maria Auxiliadora, Maria Lídia Magliani, Maria Martins, Teresinha Soares, and Wanda Pimentel in dialogues with guest artists Tatiana Chalhoub , Tayná Uràz, Val Souza, and Xamânica, and the 10 artists selected by the notice, Bisoro, Daiely Gonçalves, Ferrerin, Geoneide Brandão, Gustavo Torres, Julia Gallo, Linga Acácio, Marina Borges, Nazas and Rainha F. Since last year, “Contra-Flecha” inaugurates the gallery’s calendar of exhibitions and annual projects, functioning as a kick-off for urgent debates and mobilizing new connections between agents in the art world.

Exhibition | Love gestures, seduction practices
From January 19th to March 09th
Monday to Friday, from 10am to 19pm. Saturday, from 11am to 16pm.


January 19 (Friday) 10:00 - March 9 (Saturday) 19:00(GMT-03:00)


Almeida & Dale

Rua Caconde, 152 - 01425-010 – São Paulo – SP