Exhibition “Entroncados, Enroscados e Estirados”, solo exhibition by artist Ana Holck

Sat02dez(ten 2)12:00sun24Mars(Mar 24)18:00Exhibition “Entroncados, Enroscados e Estirados”, solo exhibition by artist Ana HolckCurated by Felipe Scovino, the exhibition presents new works, produced this year, with new research and materials never used before by the artist Imperial Palace, Praça Quinze de Novembro, 48 - Downtown - Rio de Janeiro - RJ


On December 02nd, Saturday, the Imperial Palace opens the exhibition “Tangled, Tangled and Stretched”, with new works by the Rio artist Ana Holck, which mark a new phase in his recognized and distinguished 22-year career in the arts. Curated by Felipe Scovino, eight works will be presented, belonging to the three series that give the exhibition its name. The works, which were produced this year, in porcelain and stainless steel – materials never used by the artist until then – move between the idea of ​​painting and sculpture.

“The objects create a transitional situation, they vary between being two-dimensional and three-dimensional, placing themselves in a doubly vectorized way, that is, they are close to the painting – not only due to the fact that they are attached to the wall, but especially due to the writing of these works – and, at the same time, it is still a sculpture”, says curator Felipe Scovino.

The new works are very close to the themes that the artist has been focusing on since the beginning of her career: the city, the urban environment, architecture and civil construction. However, if in previous works Ana Holck used prefabricated, industrialized materials, such as concrete blocks, bricks and adhesive vinyl, in this new phase the artist decided to experiment, for the first time, with more malleable materials. “I'm not a ceramist, porcelain for me is an additional medium for making sculpture and that's why I always wanted to combine it with other materials”, says the artist, who uses a malleable stainless steel ribbon, with a spring, for this combination. with porcelain. Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, the artist uses many issues linked to her training in her works, but in a different way. “My perception of space based on the temporality of experience comes from architecture, but I try to deconstruct what I learned, accepting improvisation, chance, accident,” she says.

Despite her fascination with the new material, Ana Holck found ceramics a challenge to her monumental works, which mark her trajectory. The solution to increase the scale came from pieces that fit together, with modules and repetitions. Stainless steel came in as a connecting element. “This metal that I use has a spring, which gives it structure, which really attracted me. The “arrangements” of the porcelain tubes generate a core from which the metal expands in space, generating a design that is not very controlled, in which there is a element of surprise”, says the artist who, despite using a material crude and malleable, it subverts it, transforming the porcelain into tubes of regular, pre-established gauges, through a press called an extruder. “Passing through the equipment erases the fingerprints left by the manipulation of the clay, making it impersonal, going against its moldable and printable nature”, she highlights. Furthermore, the materials are removed from their original functionality: ceramics, which in their everyday use usually contain something, in pots, vases and crockery, here become a gateway to metal, which creates designs in the space.

These drawings, in turn, create a play of light and shadow. “The incidence of light on the works projects a shadow which, in turn, reinforces the idea of ​​dynamics and speed of the three series and also causes a sensation of prolongation of this graphics in the environment, creating drawings in space”, says curator Felipe Scovino, who also highlights that, despite not being kinetic works, the idea of ​​dynamism and speed explores this aspect. Furthermore, he highlights that, in these works, there is a reference to Russian constructivism and North American minimalism.

Exhibition | Stranded, Tangled and Stretched
From December 02nd to March 24th
Tuesday to Sunday, from 12pm to 18pm.


December 2 (Saturday) 12:00 - March 24 (Sunday) 18:00(GMT-03:00)


Imperial Palace

Praça Quinze de Novembro, 48 - Downtown - Rio de Janeiro - RJ