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Antônia Bergamin, Conrado Mesquita and Tomás Toledo inaugurate a new Galatea unit in the city of Salvador on January 31, seeking to expand its audience and connections beyond the Rio-São Paulo axis. The second venture of the founding partners opens its doors less than two years after the founding of the gallery on Rua Oscar Freire, in the capital of São Paulo, in June 2022.

The chosen address in the capital of Bahia is the Historic Center of Salvador. More precisely in the Bráulio Xavier Building, on Rua Chile, the first street in Brazil, between Praça Castro Alves and Elevador Lacerda. Landmark of the city, the modernist building houses on its side the mural entitled The colonization of Brazil, made by the artist Carybé in 1962, today listed by IPHAN.

Galatea Salvador will begin its activities with the collective exhibition “Cais”, carefully curated by partners Tomás Toledo and Alana Silveira. With a vast and notable trajectory in the cultural scene, after having already worked as artistic director, executive producer, production coordinator, collections manager and curator, Alana assumes the direction of the unit in the capital of Bahia.

“Cais” will be a unique experience that will connect generations of Brazilian art by bringing together around 60 people born and settled in different areas of the Northeast, mixing and rubbing historical and contemporary names, with traditional and self-taught backgrounds. The first exhibition in the Salvador space is based on the production of four northeastern artists represented by the gallery: Aislan Pankararu, Chico da Silva, José Adário and Miguel dos Santos. The contents of four sections that make up the exhibition will be derived from key elements and themes from the work of these names: Fauna and flora fantasies; Afro-indigenous and Brazilian geometries; Expanded masks and representations of Afro-indigenous and Brazilian religiosity and culture, divided between paintings, sculptures and photographs. Present in the exhibition are renowned names such as Abraham Palatnik, Ayrson Heráclito, Cícero Dias, Emanoel Araújo, Francisco Brennand, Mestre Dicinho, Mestre Didi, Rubem Valentim and Tunga.

The expography of the exhibition and the architectural design of the 400 square meter space were designed by Estúdio Anagrama, which thinks about architecture, furniture and design objects based on reuse. Among the studio's notable initiatives is the Casarão 28 project, renovation of an 15th century building, located in the Historic Center of Salvador, Bahia. The work reused remains from more than XNUMX renovations and demolitions carried out in the city's metropolitan region.

Salvador's effervescence

Galatea's arrival comes at a time when the historic center of Salvador is receiving several initiatives to restore its emblematic buildings and restore its tourist and cultural life. Rua Chile itself and its surroundings host important restoration and renovation projects such as: the former Hotel Palace, now Fera Palace; the old building of the newspaper A Tarde, now Hotel Fasano; the Palacete Tira-Chapéu, in the process of being restored to become a gastronomic center; the ongoing transformation of Palácio Rio Branco into the Hotel Rosewood; the Casarão 28 project, renovation of an XNUMXth century building in the region.

New initiatives and cultural projects make up the current effervescent scene in the capital of Bahia. Recently, in November, the National Museum of Afro-Brazilian Culture (MUNCAB) reopened; in September, the creation of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), in July, the São Paulo cultural association Pivô set up shop on Boulevard Suíço. The news will continue in 2024, when the Rio gallery Nonada also promises to arrive in Salvador. The city is also consolidated on the route of important traveling exhibitions throughout Brazil, such as “Um defeito de cor”, held at the National Museum of Afro-Brazilian Culture (MUNCAB), and “Brazil Future: the forms of democracy”, at Solar do Ferrão.

Artists participating in the collective “Cais”

Abraham Palatnik (1928, Natal, RN – 2020, Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Adenor Gondim (1950, Rui Barbosa, BA), Adriano Machado (1986, Feira de Santana, BA), Agnaldo Manuel dos Santos (1926, Ilha de Itaparica, BA – 1962, Salvador, BA), Aislan Pankararu (1990, Petrolândia, PE), Ana Fraga (1974, São Félix, BA), Antônio Bandeira (1922, Fortaleza, CE, BR – 1967, Paris, FR), Antônio Maia (1928, Carmópolis, SE – 2008, Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Ariano Suassuna (1927, João Pessoa, PB – 2014, Recife, PE), Armando Sá (1918, Salvador, BA – 2005, Salvador, BA) , Aurelino dos Santos (1942, Salvador, BA), Ayrson Heráclito (1968, Macaúbas, BA), Bauer Sá (1950, Salvador, BA), Bruno Novelli (1980, Fortaleza, CE), Chico da Silva (Francisco Domingos da Silva ) (1910, Alto Tejo, AC — 1985, Fortaleza, CE), Cícero Dias (1907, Escada, PE, BA – 2003, Paris, FR), Davi Rodrigues (1968, Cachoeira, BA), Dinho Araujo (1985, Pinheiro , MA), Edsoleda Santos (1965, Salvador, BA), Elias Santos (1964, Aracaju, SE), Elisa Martins da Silveira (1912, Teresina, PI – 2001, Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Emanoel Araújo (1940, Santo Amaro, BA – 2022, São Paulo, SP), Francisco Brennand (1927, Recife, PE – 2019, Recife, PE), Galeno (1957, Parnaíba, PI), Genaro de Carvalho (1926, Salvador, BA – 1971, Salvador , BA), Gerson Souza (1926, Recife, PE – 2008, Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Gilberto Filho (1953, Cachoeira, BA), Grauben do Monte Lima (1889, Iguatu, CE – 1972, Rio de Janeiro, RJ ), Heloísa Juaçaba (1926, Guaramiranga, CE), Isabela Seifarth (1989, Salvador, BA), Jayme Fygura (1951, Cruz das Almas, BA – 2023, Salvador, BA), João Alves (1906, Ipirá, BA – c . 1970, Salvador, BA), José Adário (1947, Salvador, BA), José Bezerra (1952, Buique, PE), J. Cunha (1948, Salvador, BA), José de Freitas (1935, Vitória de Santo Antão, PE – 1989, Rio de Janeiro, RJ), José Ignácio (1911, Arauá, SE – 2007, Aracaju, SE), José Tarcísio Ramos (1941, Fortaleza, CE), Lázaro Roberto (1958, Salvador, BA) Lucas Cordeiro (1994 , Itapetinga, BA) Luciano Figueiredo (1948, Fortaleza, CE), Manuel Messias dos Santos (1945, Aracajú, Sergipe – 2001, Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Marepe (1970, Santo Antônio de Jesus, BA), Mario Cravo Neto (1947, Salvador, BA – 2009, Salvador, BA), Marlene de Almeida (1942, Bananeiras, PB), Martinho Patrício (1964, João Pessoa, PB), Mestre Dicinho (Adilson Carvalho) (1945, Jequié, BA), Mestre Didi (1917, Salvador, BA – 2013, Salvador, BA), Mestre Zimar (1959, Matinha, MA), Miguel dos Santos (1944, Caruaru, PE), Montez Magno (1934, Timbaúba, PE – 2023, Recife, PE), Nilda Neves (1961, Botuporã, BA), Rebeca Carapiá (1988, Salvador, BA), Rubem Ludolf (1932, Maceió, AL – 2010, Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Rubem Valentim (1922, Salvador, BA – 1991, São Paulo, SP), Thiago Costa (1992, Bananeiras, PB), Tiago Sant'Ana (1990, Santo Antônio de Jesus, BA), Tunga (1952, Palmares, PE – 2016, Rio de Janeiro, RJ).

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From January 31st to March 16th
Tuesday to Thursday, 10am to 19pm, Friday, 10am to 18pm and Saturday, 11am to 15pm


January 31 (Wednesday) 10:00 - March 16 (Saturday) 19:00(GMT-03:00)


Galatea Salvador Gallery

R. Chile, 22 - Centro, Salvador - BA