Exhibition “It’s Over and We’re Not Talking About Love”

Sat18May(May 18)14:00Sat13Jul(Jul 13)18:00Exhibition “It’s Over and We’re Not Talking About Love”Curated by Henrique Xavier, the exhibition is made up of photographs, textual interventions and a performance that will take over the streets surrounding the gallery based in the Pinheiros neighborhood, in São Paulo. Casa Yara DW, Rua Costa Carvalho, 52 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP


Opening on May 18, 2024 and open until July 13, It's over and we don't even talk about love, the new exhibition at Casa Yara DW will occupy Yara Dewachter's intimate gallery, bringing together works by the host herself and two other artists, Ana Paula Albé and Thelma Penteado. Curated by Henrique Xavier, the exhibition establishes dialogues between the poetics of the three artists through the combination of series of photographs, textual interventions and performance I Wanted to Be Her, an investigation into the desires and frustrations of the female universe developed by Yara that will take to the streets around the gallery that recently completed a year of opening and is located in the Pinheiros neighborhood, in São Paulo.

“An attentive portrayer of the reality of women, having already multiplied much in her works and always interpreting many others, in I Wanted to Be Her Yara portrays and narrates not only the story of her dreams, but how each of these seven women lost themselves or finds themselves so far from those dreams”, explains the exhibition’s curator, Henrique Xavier.

Created from seven portraits made by Yara of anonymous women caught from behind and walking through different streets, the performance will be carried out by seven women who will tell their stories aloud while carrying banners with these photographs printed on voile, a thin, translucent fabric .

“In the photographs, Yara carefully creates a rich parade of everyday life, in which women try to get lost in the streets to calm their thoughts. From the back, their faces are never seen, but you can imagine the expressions on their faces from the stories being told”, adds Xavier.

The appropriation of art as a defense mechanism for feminine power also stands out in Ana Paula Albé's creations, as in monsteran imposing woman painted entirely in black and approximately four meters tall, which will appear on one of the walls and fold into the ceiling of the exhibition space. The exuberance of monster purposefully contrasts with a small black and white photo reproduction of a From Rio, painting by Pedro Américo, from 1882, which is considered the first full-size female frontal nude in the history of Brazilian art. The appropriation and subversion of the renowned canvas made by Ana Paula, in the words of the curator of It's over and we don't even talk about love, is a timely provocation.

“The grandiose image of a naked woman made by a man’s hands is transformed by the artist into a small PB photographic reproduction as if to mark her ideological place in this inverted history of representations through images”, he says.

Mind The Gap, the warning enunciated in English so that subway users do not fall into the opening of the boarding platforms, is the title of the set of photographs produced by Thelma Penteado. In 13 works that portray digitally fractured natural landscapes and also abstract images taken from the interior of speeding trains, where you can see almost unidentifiable fragments of the stations, posters and tunnels through which they pass, Thelma challenges the viewer's gaze using photographs that were obtained in an atypical selection process: the choice of imperfect images.

“Talking to Thelma, I discovered that the images were produced with technical errors and only the wrong images interested her. The fast-moving landscape is misread by her camera software, and precisely there, where so important artificial intelligence is lost in an instant, Thelma sees another landscape that delicately reveals that from within something falters in our present and future in the technological relationship with images ”, concludes Xavier.

For Yara, the expectation of the opening of It's over and we don't even talk about love, and the public's first contact with the propositions created by her, Ana Paula and Thelma is a moment of celebration that culminates in work carried out collaboratively and based on great affinities between the three artists and the exhibition's curator.

“Since October 2023, we have been developing this exhibition in a monitoring process with Henrique Xavier. The entire process was very intriguing, at the same time tiring and, at times, even disorienting. But we managed to achieve a good result. Let the exhibition come now”, he concludes.

Exhibition | It's over and we don't even talk about love
From May 18th to July 13th
Monday to Friday, 14am to 18pm


May 18, 2024 14:00 - July 13, 2024 18:00 pm(GMT-03:00)


Casa Yara DW

Rua Costa Carvalho, 52 – Pinheiros, São Paulo – SP

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