Carlos Vergara: "Poética da Exuberância" at MARGS and Fundação Iberê

Sat24February(Feb 24)10:00sun05May(May 5)19:00Carlos Vergara: "Poética da Exuberância" at MARGS and Fundação IberêThe exhibitions will bring together, on the second floor of the Foundation, 69 works, with emphasis on drawings and paintings on paper, from the 1960s that have never been exhibitedMARGS | Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum and Iberê Foundation, MARGS: Praça da Alfândega, s/n - Historic Center, Porto Alegre - RS | Iberê: Av. Padre Cacique, 2000 Porto Alegre RS


These two exhibitions of Carlos Vergara in Porto Alegre, in Iberê Foundation and MARGS, are a real Vergara occupation in the city. In addition to being a gaucho, he was Iberê's assistant in the mid-1960s. This period was a unique school, in which poetic rigor and creative freedom were transmitted in action. In these 60 years of production, his poetics have tirelessly moved between languages, supports and poetic atmospheres.

The two rooms here at MARGS focus on the figure of the traveling artist, begun in the 1980s, and on the production carried out at the Jesuit Missions of São Miguel, on the southern border of Brazil. The monotypes that begin in this period, made in the ovens, on the floors and walls, in nature and architecture, impregnated with time and life, are later structured in the studio. After being removed from the printing context, via impregnation, they are reworked with color or simply with a more rigorous fixation with resin. Only from this complement carried out in the studio do the works gain body and density.

Looking retrospectively at what happened in the Missions requires care precisely because of the impossible impartiality in dealing with the matter. In the 17th century, cultural differences were treated in an oppressive and violent way. The other did not exist in the Western imagination. How could art reveal a singular event, a moment in which cultures and ways of life entered a disorienting drift? How can we start from this residue fixed in the ruins of a lost world and bring it to the present, disarming distrust in the face of what we don't know exactly what it was?

It is this experience of the nameless, of what we do not know how to classify, how to identify, that seems to be embedded in some of the handkerchiefs and pictorial records of São Miguel. The fragility of the scarves, their transparency, the reminiscence of shrouds, all of this is a memory of gestures that survive over time. Repetition and mystery restore in the now what would otherwise be forever sealed in what once was, in the past.

Over his 60-year career, Vergara continually transformed his language and creative procedures – drawing, engraving, photography, painting, monotypes, audiovisual, installation –, taking unexpected paths, taking risks and refusing all types of accommodation. With each shift, the work is renewed. It is rare to see an artist so eager for poetic adventure and visual enchantment.

Exhibition | Carlos Vergara: Poetics of Exuberance
From February 24th to May 5th
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February 24, 2024 10:00 - May 5, 2024 19:00 pm(GMT-03:00)


MARGS | Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum and Iberê Foundation

MARGS: Praça da Alfândega, s/n - Historic Center, Porto Alegre - RS | Iberê: Av. Padre Cacique, 2000 Porto Alegre RS

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