Until June 16, the Arte space on the 5th floor of Sesc Avenida Paulista will host the exhibition O Tempo Mata (Time Kills), which is made up of audiovisual productions by 17 artists of different nationalities. In addition to the exhibitions, some of the titles were commented on by Tiago Mesquita, Fernanda Brenner, Patricia Mourão and Luiz Roque in a program linked to the exhibition. The 6th floor and the facade of the building are also receiving works.

Lasting three months, the show has a partnership with the Julia Stoschek Collection, an institution based in Germany that has in its collection 850 works by 255 artists. The exhibition is curated by Rodrigo Moura, who has just assumed the position of chief curator of El Museo del Barrio.

Among the works that will be exhibited are works by Douglas Gordon, Arthur Jafa, Rachel Rose, Hito Steyerl, Chris Burden, Monica Bonvicini, Ulay and Jack Smith, whose themes are “race, visual culture, gender identity, the role of in society and the circulation of images in the media”.

For the curator, self-representation and the fictionalization of life are “two possible thematic frameworks that permeate the exhibition, serving as useful conceptual poles to navigate it, but that do not exhaust the possibilities of reading the works presented and the relationships between them”.

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