Renato Costa – The street artist

Paulistano do Jd. Iporanga, south of the capital, Renato has been working since he was 8 years old to help with the family income. But it was at 18, at raves parties, that he had his first contact with the circus and juggling. From then on, he started to manufacture his own claves and sell some to his friends. He traveled to Chile and Argentina three times, on a mission to sell circus materials, until his workshop was robbed. Renato took to the streets, found a good spot at the lighthouse on Rua Estados Unidos and Av. 9 de Julho, in Jardim América, and has been there for over 7 years. From atop a 3-meter-tall unicycle that he made himself, Renato creates his lighthouse numbers and performances inspired by everyday themes. In the red that manages to make a living. On bad days, take around 50 reais. In good ones, he gets up to 200, but it all depends on the work he presents, the time he spends at the lighthouse and his vibe of the day. He is a mix of actor, director, producer and circus. He still survives from the circus and dreams, one day, of reaching the streets of Europe to spread his art.

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